but only if both people are willing to actually meet up, travel if necessary, etc... i don't believe in long distance or "virtual only" relationships.

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It has to become physical at one point. Going on faith is good for awhile, but the sooner two meet, the better. And even then, like everday life, things may go good or not. Contact has to be had.

oh yes I understand your meaning now. I believe it too. But this asks for trust, love much. What would you do if you found that he lied you someday-to have another dating with another female?"

Long Distance can work out, was in a long distant deal with my hubby when we first started dating ... we are now in a Long Distant Marriage ... we see each other several times a year, but as yet we can't settle down because we're still waiting for immigration to come though with the status so we can. <br />
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But I'd not change anything in regards to how we meet, though I would have loved to have had him at least in my own country over where he is, then again had he stayed in the country he was born I could have moved there without issue since I hold citizenship also in that country. <br />
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But each is to their own on how you view them, they are not for everyone. That and look at how many wives and GFs there are who have a partner who is deployed else where and don't know if they will ever see their loved one again.

I don't believe these much. I just meet them if they can make myself believe on themselves