Jesus is the ultimate sacrafice. He died for our sins and we should pay him back by loving him and living by the word of God.
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1 Response Nov 3, 2010

If Jesus died for our sins...then why do we need to repay him for anything? You are forgiven. Go live your life. Everyone is forgiven. It makes no sense that an Infinite God would condemn every human to Eternal Damnation and provide a Cure...only to sprinkle that cure out to those who believed a 'certain way'. Grow up! Sacrifice the Church! That is the ultimate sacrifice and the only way to pay back Jesus for his 'stand' against the very same Church! The only difference between your church and the synagogues of Jesus' day is that your church stuck a cross on top and proclaimed Jesus to be God. <br />
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Just a question, but what part of the Ten Commandments of God addressed this entire Jesus issue? <br />
Oh yeah...that would be the...Thou shalt have no other Gods before me...commandment. And so what did Jesus' apostles do? Right........