But In The Non-"conventional" Way...

I believe in him as The Christ Consciousness which is part of my "New Age" Spirituality. I don't label myself as being any type of religion or faith for I have faith in many religions and beliefs (such as Paganism and Buddhism), but I would probably say that I am part New Age.

I believe that Jesus was put on the cross but put himself into a higher state of existence (like being in stasis, not actually dying) before returning to us. I think the belief in him taking our "sin" is pretty much the same as my belief that he "soaked" up our karma and took it to heaven. The Christ Consciousness is in all of us, in my opinion, like most Christians believe Jesus is with all of us, but I believe that his "spirit" or essence is a state that we can all reach. I have prayed to Jesus before, but I usually talk directly to Universe/God.

I hope you enjoyed reading my, probably, unique view on Jesus Christ's Sacrifice and belief in him/it.

Bright blessings to all,
Jennir Jennir
Apr 19, 2012