I Love My God

My God is so good =]

I look at the world around me and see all of the beauty and I stand in awe, because He made them.

Sometimes I wonder what He looks like, but if He can make such beautiful and brilliant things, imagine how beautiful and brilliant he must be =]

I love my God and I'm well aware that many are going to disagree, but that's alright because I know in my heart that he is there, just as real as you and me.

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facelessmistake,<br />
I love what you said. God is good and I bear witness of the many things He's done for me. Keep this flag flying high,<br />
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Ayankee, good. I thought I'm the only one who feels His hugs everyday. Thanks that you too.

John the Beloved said, "God is Love". It follows that God must be lovely.<br />
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I'm glad you appreciated it =]

What you wrote was from your Heart because I felt it in my Heart. Two hearts beating as One is possible in the Spiritual Worlds. Thank you for your prose-poetry. I could use a writer like you to make a contribution to the book I'm writing. I hope you don't mind that I copied what you wrote so I can read it again more slowly.<br />
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Love in All Ways; Always in Love,<br />

You feel bad for her? Why?! She's hot! lol<br />
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I almost agree with this thread though. I love my dog.

Thank you, and yes, you are absolutely right =]

Thank you, and yes, you are absolutely right =]

I believe that the beauty of God is beyond our conceivable senses. I am still meditating the beauty of His love on the Cross. It defies all things, all fears and despairs and negativism. It is so captivating and beautiful. We can feel a glimpse of it in our heart but we can hardly share completed. We have an epiphany moment when we fall in love but that can rarely last. But with God, is it an incremental sensation that will not fade. It is just captivating. Thanks for sharing your perception of the beauty of God to me. I am happy to know about people feel the same way. I like your writings. Added you to my circle. Keep us post.

I know...

I feel really bad for you =[

Exactly =]

God hugs us everyday with his beauty and he doesn't have to phone us.....when we need him,he's there!



Me too :)

You rock =]

Thank you very much =]