Jesus Our Lord, Savior, King.

The Lord is our greatest friend, he is here amoung us. Jesus died so that we might live.  There in the history 2000 years ago, before he was crucified.

He wept. He was so stressed out by the idea of being whipped and torn to bits, nailed to a cross...he sweat blood through his pores. He cried out to God, "let this cup pass from me"  In other words, NO NO..I can't do it.  Then God sent him an angel to strengthen his resolve, to do his will.  This is what really gets to me.

I cannot imagine being his Mother, watching Him being beaten and spit on, and nailed to a cross. Oh it just makes me want to cry.  What he did for me, you and others was the ultimate sacrifice.  even though it occured over 2000 years ago? It feels like an hour ago, in my heart.  Jesus Christ will return again soon, and this time he will return with flair and triumphant...ready to take his own people with him.  I look forward to that day.  Whether I am in the world, or in the land of those who are asleep.  The world will never be the same.  Yes, we live in the last days.  Things will heat up.  So if you choose to deny Jesus, he will deny you before His Father.  We cannot get to heaven, without Jesus...he said so.  If we keep closing our eyes and pretending that none of this is true at all so we can continue to live as we do.  It is self destruction, self deception.  We are here to love God, serve God, and love one another. Its all simple.  People try to make it so hard.  This is all I have to say for now.


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I think if the christian is got it harm done to self.<br />
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I think if the non believer has it wrong, great consequence. <br />
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Hmmm. something to ponder.

What is truth Infinite?

People don't try to make it so hard. Christians try to make it so hard. Fitting this sc<x>ripture with that sc<x>ripture, taking this verse out of context and tagging it onto another verse.<br />
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Have you people lost your minds entirely? There is no Jesus. Its only a Belief. There is no Heaven or Hell. Only a belief.<br />
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A matter how strongly held...can never 'change' the Truth. The Truth just is and requires no validation from belief.

Yes this is so true. But I am certain that the time will come when God gives them one last chance.