He Is Calling Me.

Few days back I was very deppressed and I spent few sleepless nights. On one such night I slept while praying.
I saw an amazing dream. People say that if we keep on thinking on anything it comes in our dream but I don't know how far it is true,
I am here just to share what I saw in my dream.

I was standing at a sea shore and supposed to cross it, there was a big crowd and I was hearing many voice from behind
who were telling me  to dive and cross that huge waterbody. They were all doing that so nicely. But I was very afraid as I don't know swimming,
Suddenly I turned my face little and I saw Lord Jesus standing on a boat at the mid of water, He stretched His hand and looked at me.
I immediately jumped into the water. I dont know how one feels while swimming but I felt that in my dream.
My body was light and I felt the water and I was so happy.

I dont know how people will interpret this dream but it surely gave me a reason to stay alive
because my Lord is always with me. Praise The Lord.
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5 Responses Aug 2, 2010

I aslo had a dream about jesus.... I didn't know if it was because of what you say ...about thinking to much of it and you dream about it. But i wasn't really thinking of jesus.. that i could remeber and it was the first time i saw him in my dream. It was weir.... i can 't really remeber what we talk about .... but i couldn't see his faces and i was tell him that i didn't want to die but if that was his well than let it be so.... it was a weir dream. why was his face in the dark...i always hear people saying that when they saw jesus they saw light in his face around him.... and i didn't. it got me thinking. what do you think?

Beaustiful that icon picture hand with cross show heaven open spread light..Make me feel love inspring

Seeing the water and Lord both are blessing for you......Hi ...........be happy in life..God bless you....:)

God wants you to swim against the tide, God has given you a message through this meaningful dream. You can fight it out my friend in christ, You have the blessings of christ.

The fact is that if you keep thinking of something is that you are projecting it and sooner or later it will come to pass. It is inevitable. You should watch "The Secret". The only thing that is not emphasized enough in the Secret is that it has to be "Free will". But it will help you that is a garantie. Enjoy!