The End Of The World Or The Being Of 2012

A long time ago, i had a dream about theworld coing to the end ..... but now i think it wasn't the world coing to the end it was the begin of the 2012 where new thing well come and god well do his well. well i think that what it was. Have you heard the story of : fire rain on sodom" yep were god  send the angles to warned lot to leave and his wife truns into a pillar of salt. well my dream was like that ....first let me tell you were i live... i live in laredo texas but on the other side of the river there is a city also called laredo but its in the mexico side. well in this of mine...i was near the downtown where you can see mexico(well kind of) near the hwy 59 and i remeber people scared and cry and i was scared too and i was with my family and we were run up to the North because there was fire and it was awful. i remeber that you couldn't trun around and my mother did and she trun ito  pillar of salt. I remeber crying and i was sad. what a dream. But now that i think of my dream it was Mexico bruning and you could see it from there and the people were all scared. what do you think? 
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Quite simply this way. When you study a Bible topic whether it be the Second Coming of Christ or what happens to a person when he or she dies, or anything you like, you note down all that you can find in the Bible on that topic. The more information or references you can find in the Bible on that topic the stronger your knowledge will be on the matter. As you discover each Biblical reference you will quickly realize that each one is in harmony with the other. For example what John has to say about it in the New Testament does not conflict with what Jeremiah might say about it in the Old Testament, or even what Jesus says about it in the four Gospels. There is complete harmony and unity between Jesus and all the Bible writers. And so it should be because if Paul is correct when he says that all sc<x>ripture is inspired of God then you wouldn’t expect God to contradict Himself by inspiring John to say one thing and Jeremiah another and His Son Jesus something else. Oh no! They would all be in total harmony with one another. My God is not a God of confusion! Therefore if your dream is from God then it too must be in harmony with what the Bible has to say about that very topic, otherwise you can be sure that either your brain is playing tricks on you or the Devil has in some way influenced you. So for example if Jesus says that no man knows the day nor hour of his coming and no other Bible writer sets a date either then you can know for certain without any question of a doubt that if in your dream the world is supposed to come to an end in 2012 then that can’t be in harmony with the Bible. But don’t take my word for it…study the sc<x>riptures for yourself. The Holy Spirit who is our teacher will show you.

test my dream against the bible?? how ?

The Bible has lots to say about the end of the world however there is no Biblical evidence to suggest that the end of the world will be in 2012. One of the best chapters in the Bible about the end of the world is found in Matthew chapter 24. Notice that it is Jesus Christ himself who is speaking here. He gives 17 signs to indicate when the end of the world is near but notice that He says that no man knows the day or hour of His coming. Not even He Himself know! The important thing is that if you love Jesus then you'd be ready for the end of the world no matter whether it ends tomorrow or in a thousand years time. Not all dreams as divinely inspired. Some are influence by the things we feed into our minds and if we feed on things that aren't sc<x>riptural then our dreams may not be reliable. A good test to see if whether a dream is from the Lord or something else iincluding the Devil is to test your dream against the Bible. If the dream is in harmony with the Bible then you can be certain it is from the Lord.