Elevation 06

Hi everyone,

i went to a catholic private middle school and was always close to God and Jesus.

then high school came, and i went to a pubilc high school. i was afraid of drifting from my faith... until my cousin introduced my to a youth group called vertical impact.

i was shy, still am, but once the summer hit everything changed.

they have this annual summer retreat, and this one would be my first.


everyone was always talking about the expreience they had and how it changed their lives


i thank God for my cousin because that week was the best week of my life.  i got closer to God in so many ways and i made new friends and i started feeling better about myself.


we worshipped all week, had activities, and helped out building decks and painting houses for three days for the less fortunate in North Carolina.

my youth group is amazing and i am very thankful for that

nikko nikko
18-21, M
1 Response Nov 16, 2006

Thats Good Nikko, i beieve too that retreats influence your faith a lot, they help you more than bible classes to grow closer to God, especially when you find youself amongst your own peer groups..its a different experience, and i am glad you grew closer to you faith...praise the lord