Beautiful,inspiring Christian Phrase/quote

1. Give God what’s right… not what’s left.

2. Man’s way leads to hopeless end… God’s way leads to an endless hope.

3. A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing.

4. He who kneels before God can stand before anyone.

5. In the sentence of life, the devil may be a comma, but never let him be the period.

6. Don’t put a question mark where God puts a period.

7. Are you wrinkled with burden? Come to the church for a face-lift.

8. When praying, don’t give God instructions… just report for duty.

9. Don’t wait for six strong men to take you to church.

10. We don’t change God’s message… His message changes us.

11. The church is prayer-conditioned.

12. When God ordains, He sustains.

13. Warning: Exposure to the son may prevent burning.

14. Plan ahead… It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

15. Most people want to serve God, but only in an advisory position.

16. Suffering from truth decay? Brush up on your Bible.

17. Exercise daily… walk with the Lord.

18. Never give the devil a ride… he will always want to ride.

19. Nothing else ruins the truth like stretching it.

20. Compassion is difficult to give away because it keeps coming back.

21. He who angers you controls you.

22. Worry is the darkroom in which negatives can develop.

23. Give Satan an inch and he’ll be a ruler.

24. Be ye fishers of men… You catch them and He’ll clean them.

25. God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

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26. You were made by God and for God and until you understand that life will never make sense.

27. The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder-a wait, a nothing, a no man.

28. possessions only provide temporary happiness

29. nothing matters more than knowing God purpose for your life and nothing can compensate for not knowing them .

30. One key to failure is try to please everyone

31. without God life as no purpose and without purpose life as no meaning.

32. The greatest tragedy is not death, but life without purpose.

33. if you want your life to have impact focus it

34. you weren't put on earth to be remembered. you were put on here to prepare for eternity

35. The way you see your life shapes your life

36. life on earth is a trust and a test

37. anything that you do that brings pleasure to God is an act of worship

38. obedience unlock understanding

39. it is the fire of suffering that brings forth gold of godliness

40. what happens outward in my life is not as important as what happens inside you.

41. there is a purpose behind every problem.

42. God develops the fruit of the spirit by allowing you to experience circumstances which you're tempted to express the exact opposite quality.

43. i serve God by serving others

44. Integrity is built by defeating the temptation to be dishonest, humility grows when we refuse to be prideful and endurance developes every time you reject the tem,temptation to give up. every time you defeat a temptation. you become more like Jesus. (I love this) .

45. every temptation is an opportunity to do good

46. The battle for sin is won or lost in your mind. whatever get your attention will get you.

47. The truth is whatever you can't talk about is already out of control in your life.

48. A simple life in the fear of God is better than a rich life with a ton of headaches.

49. Experience is not what happen to you it is what you do with what happens to you

50. what you are is God gift to you what you do with yourself is your gift to God.

51. great opportunities often disguise themselves in small task

52. throw yourself in the work of the master be confident that nothing you do for him is a waste of time.

53. real servant don't try to use god for their purpose. they let God use them for his purpose

54. The closer you get to Jesus the less you need to promote yourself

55. the only really happy people are those who have learned to serve

56. whenever you feel weak God is reminding you to depend on him.

57. The true basis of all inner healings rest in our willingness to forgive

58.upon a life i did not live, upon a death i did not die, another life another death, i stake my whole eternity ( stake your whole eternity on Christ today).

59. The only way out of prison of resentment is through the door of forgiveness.

60. guilt is the offspring of unbelief. all is does is insult God's mercy

61. your weakness can be the discovery point for strengths you never even know you had.

62. When others fell good about you, you are popular but when you fell good about yourself, your successful

63. avoid relationship with people who don't value themselves, for they want value you either.

64. guilt driven people are manipulated by there memories they allow their past to control the future.

65. your values is not determined by our valuables

66. knowing your purpose on earth simplifies your life

67. those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it

67. a pretentious  showy life is an empty life, a plain and a simple life in the fear of God is a full life.

70. instant obedience will teach you more about God than a life time bible discussion

71. for in much wisdom is much grief and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow (Ecclesiastes 1:17).

72. When God fills your heart, your song becomes a chorus everyone wants to sing

73.The path to ruin often begin with unconfessed sin.

74. Ambition that ignores God's direction always leads to pain and sorrow

75. Faith in God overcomes fear.

76. the best self-help book that has stood the test of time is the Bible.

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