I Truly Believe

I believe in Jesus and its so odd how it all came about .. ive always believed but was never  big on talking about it until i saw his miracle myself ... My best friend  was diabetic her whole life she got married  and got pregnant and went into kidney failure  she was going to dialysis  three times a week and ended up going into the hospital for a month before she even had the baby ...  she got on the donors list and they said it could be months before she got a match . Well one day we were on the phone and she was saying how she  believed in God and she was talking to one of our old friends about it and he was goin on and on about how he questioned it blah blah . Well that same night she called me and was on her way to osu to get a transplant ...  that night i cried and praised God and havent stopped i started going to church that sunday ... the follwing weekend i didnt think i was gonna be able to go  and i was soo upset  well my dad came and took me that same day i was saved ....  a month  and five days later .. i was baptized ...  I read my bible daily and i attend  church every weekend Jesus Christ is an amazing entity that we will never be able to  comprehend ... And   it makes me praise him even more ...
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
26-30, F
Mar 6, 2007