I Need You Jesus!

Jesus I am trying to be as patient as possible. I know good things come to those who wait. But how long do I have so suffer? How long do I take the blame for something I did not do? How long do I hear the lies and see wrong doing and close my eyes? I know you must have felt the same while you were on the cross , when no one believed you . I know you were only telling the truth. I feel the same in this life. I do not belong in this world of lies. Why do you keep me hear. I love you with all my being and am willing to sacrifice anything for you . But if I keep quiet like this , I will not be able to endure anymore. Your daughter , who needs you so much! Please answer.
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6 Responses Feb 29, 2012

I know what it's like to have to trust in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for everything, because I am completely paralyzed from the neck down unable to do any physical activity for myself other than thankfully breathe on my own,think for myself and speak what's on my mind. I love the Lord with my whole spirit,mind,soul and body due to the fact that he has done so much for me in my life and has blessed me more than I could ever think hope for or contain. I recently started college via The Distance Learning Program at ORU to major in Christian Ministires, so that I can become a pastor and preach the uncompromised gospel of Jesus Christ in my wheelchair to as many people as I can and in as many countries as I can. God Bless you,keep you,protect you,prosper you and may he meet all your needs.from quadforgod

I had to wait over two years for Him to bring me what I needed, but then the wait is worth it and usually comes as a big surprise. In this get it fast and have it now world of instantaneous communication, fast food, and hurry up, we may expect too much out of Him that will do things in His time. But don't let that shake your faith! God is known to answer our prayers, just sometimes miracles take a little longer than we wish they would... Hang in there baby!

It will, it will. Just keep leaning on others of faith to retain your strength and faith too.

Only for having faith in Him u are His child and will be save. The life God has prepare for His children is beyond this world. keep praying and praising Him as the place he has reserved for u after here is greater.Only Satan deceives the world by illusions and artificial answers..the Bible says the way to heaven is narrow and only the selected ones will have access to it, and among the selected ones many will be persecuted in His name,..and Jesus did say who ever wants to follow Him should carry his own cross...Jesus is with u every second of your life and watches over you..praise Him and testify for being His child..as many souls have been lost out of ignorance and self reject

He has a plan for you, and whenever he feels it's the right time, he will bless you with something wonderful. Just keep praying, He's always listening.

May Jesus Christ give you the grace to endure this time of testing. Keep hoping and keep the faith no matter what. I agree with you in prayer!

Keep strong an focused jesus will answer you wen you not expecting it i no it can be hard an i no it feels like your alown but your not its all a test of faith ....I truly belive you get Wot you need...I pray for you