I Am a Catholic

hey there everybody,

i am a catholic and my name is justina also the creator of i believe my lord jesus christ as well as i believe in my Lord. well i had to make a new id cuz i forgot the username and password of the other id which kind of is tiring oh well.

I am born a chatholic i believe in my God, and there is nothing that can change my life other than My Lord Jesus Christ....I happened to have many miracles from him through praying and i hope u all believers of God will also pray to him as well atleast for 15 minutes...

God Bless

Destiny Destiny
18-21, F
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I wish we could all just be Christian. Not a kind, or type of Chrstian, but I wish we could all sit down together and read the Lords' Holy Word together, and in it together we could find the truth through the Holy Spirit...

I love your story because I am a cotholic<br />
<br />
I will be happy if you can always share stories with me.

but you and I know perfectly well that good miracles are the ones that help more to those that are willing to trully love others reather then yourself only,

DESTINY, smebro is the perfect example of idiosincracy among evildoers

you go girl, I'm happy for you, that's the way to be, stay that way. the humanbirdman(I'm /was an angel too, I got grounded for being bad, I'm being good now though( I'm being chastised/corrected/attitude adjustment/reproved/etc...)re-earning my wings to fly.

I am a Catholic also from cradle to grave. I like what you have to write and will share more of my own miracles as time, God's Time not mine, moves on. I do pray.<br />
<br />
Sicerely,<br />
<br />

It's funny because I've had many many miracles, and I never pray.<br />
Some other god must be watching me, not yours if those are his conditions.