Christians Rise Against Christians. :(

I recently joined a group chat room named Christianity in Stickam. I didn't hesitate even a little bit to enter that chat room. Why would I? Of course, who would think it would hurt to join a discussion with others of common faith.

But I guess I was wrong. Later I realized it's more like a debate between Christian groups. It's just so ridiculous to think that people there actually judge other people just because of practices and traditions. In particular, when they knew I was Catholic, they started saying that Catholics are "severed", and that they will be punished by God. It's just insane. I'm not saying Roman Catholic is right. I am aware of its flaws, and I know that these can't be easily corrected since they are rooted two thousand years ago. I don't even always agree with it.

But it's just so lame that they judge me with that alone, not with my faith. I thought no one has the right to judge us but God. Anyway, when I went back to the group chat the next day, they remembered me being a catholic, and the debate about Catholicism started again. They had all their claims supported with bible verses, and I was just totally speechless. I was not intending for a debate anyway, I wanted to be there to hear teachings, or bible verses, and not to be humiliated, not to be judged.

They kept on waiting for my backfire answers, but when I can't react in a debate they exactly want, they just kicked me out. I guess Catholics are not allowed there. :(

I never thought believers themselves could create this division in faith.
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ha,ha,ha ok tell me i like those because im in between remember im CHRISTMUS so i like to debate those group i enjoy it you know why?because i can answer them both ways?i miss you your so busy with your studies i guess...and you look pretty is that you in the picture?

oh, buti pa kayo masasagot nyo yung mga questions na yun. natahimik lang ako, di ko alam pano ipagtanggol ang religion ko. Kahit ako nga may mga questions. hehehe.
yes, i'm quite busy. june na dito so ngsimula nang mg.start ang mga classes. and yes that's my picture. :D
how are you mr tawam?

Well im ok and working the same time i do ep LOL and yup i ilke to know that group and im going to add more things that will make them so surreal and feel bad why religion is not good to talk or debate about?hhhmmm wow ikaw tlg yan at metellurgist ang gusto mong matapos oy super cool tlg,sa totoo lang dami mong suitors noh?