Lord Provides

I am an average person who lives a normal life.. I believe in Lord Jesus. So now you may ask " where he is, what he is and show some proof that he exist etc etc". My answer is simple. I acknowledged him as my savior at the age of 13. Ok, now it may sound a bit doubtful, but trust me he is the one who always provides for me. I am writing this with a broken heart, and I still believe he will provide. He is my God of prosperity and compassion. Today I asked my friends, why we are here and why we would strive out of this hard ships, all of them kinda answered that they dont know or they aren't sure why they are here or what is the purpose of life. But my friend, who ever is reading this. I am struggling for years, I am one of those who carry those family curses... Who cant find why he is not listening to me. But after I read many personal stories on the internet, I am indeed blessed and cared by my Lord. I got a chance to look to back and see how much he has blessed me to over come many hurdles in life and made my belief stronger and stronger.... He is listening to me and you.... He is listening.

jerryazhakathu jerryazhakathu
1 Response Nov 11, 2012