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What I Am Learning About Jesus,

I am learning that I have to have Jesus in my life. Without him I am a dead being. He is what gives me my life and my strength. He does this by having a relationship with me that is close, like a brother is to one of his brothers. Relationships with him and others are important from what I am studying about him now. I encourage everyone to try to learn about him, or to journal about what you learn, so that you can keep learning. We shouldn't stop learning about him. He wants us to be close to him. (=
Christian02 Christian02 22-25, F 4 Responses Feb 7, 2013

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You wouldn't even know who Jesus is, except that Christian dogma was shoved down your throat when you were growing up. Had you been born in a non-Christian culture, then you would have felt the same way about the god of that culture. The only reason you believe what you believe is because you were indoctrinated at an impressionable age. Evidence doesn't even enter the picture because there is no evidence.

Amen! :)

He is awesome. He is the greatest role model, friend, Lord and Savior. He knows what we go through, He's been there and done that. Awesome how we can come to Him for help.

amen great post