A few years ago I was a real "on fire" Christian. I had just accepted Jesus fully as Lord and Saviour and I wanted my life to be led by him. I ran a couple of Christian groups on Facebook, and was going on yearly mission trips to Romania helping street kids.
Then life got tough, major things went wrong and I ended up with depression. A couple of years later, and really struggling with loneliness I met someone who among other things, told me that she was a born again Christian.
Everything seemed to be right and so three months later, we were married. That was a year ago today. This past year has not been what I expected, there have been so many problems with the relationship. Today I almost ended it. She is not the person she claimed to be. I really knew at the time we met that there were many warning signs and because I was lonely I was ignoring them.
This relationship and unemployment problems I had before I started my business two and a half months ago have pulled me away from my relationship with Jesus. Today a friend added me to a new worship group that she had just opened on Facebook, I gave things some thought and realised that I needed life to get back to the time when I had just become a born ageing Christian, back to when Jesus was the first priority in my life.
That is what I am focussing upon now! Keeping Jesus as the chief cornerstone in my life. http://youtu.be/x4UGws8RgBs
I know that when we put Jesus first, read the bible regularly, pray about things in our lives, and ask for help for other people in life, god's blessings flow.
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Ask God what he wants for you. Don't make choices for yourself and love your wife. We are not perfect. Accept her flaws, etc. and grow more and more together with God. The first year of marriage is a challenge learning everything about each other accepting things we may not like but that is the point I think. We need to learn to be selfless in marriage and with God.

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