Jezuz Chrizt

Iz belivz in za man za man zat killz people rapz kildran and bwainzwaches paplz to  folowz imnnit... not zure eee did rapez the kiddiez tho, it wernt inz datz funiez book wiv that wizard guy in za zky,iz gunna byz plane zo me vizitz big wizardz guy in za skye

yiffingyiff yiffingyiff
9 Responses Jan 25, 2010

Oh you poor soul. Jesus is Yahweh his is God read John 1: 1, 14 you may understand. Just because you where hurt by religion does not mean Jesus is not real and that he doesn't love you. Cause he loves you enough to die for your sins even if you don't believe he exits.

nawt ops wit meh langwarge, waz ops wit yars?

naz lard naz meh, i naz lar datz y i getz funzies an ere innit

I cast you out demon in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord I'm sorry that they don't know you.

zpaz danz smelz da only tinz zpaz zmelz of iz yahwehz shatz, cuz der nar toletz in zpaz innit

Yahweh is genderless and formless hiding...Iä Iä smells like space

yahweh smalz wayweh datz yaz zilly yahweh manz inz skie iz betzar

The wizard guy in the sky? Really? You and your weird *** comparisons

Yahweh is much stronger anyway