Karma That Years Later Is Biting My Ex

I fell madly in love in 1997. We got married and was living apart while he completed his naval school. I had moved to,Tx with his family. Things were very stressful and I miscarried a baby I didn't know at the time I was pregnant with. I told my husband and he didn't seem to care at all. I ended up in the hospital down there and the navy had to fly him to the hospital. The hospital told my husband I have been under too much stress and am depressed. My husband asked the nurse if she could guarantee him that my depression would never come back. She said no that she couldn't.He said he couldn't jeopardize his military career. At that point, he took his wedding ring off, told me wanted a divorce and I never saw him again. I was literally abandoned and the pain of losing him I never felt such pain in my life. I cried almost non-stop for several weeks and then after a couple of months, about once a week for a good year. I couldn't believe he abandoned me, his family had and I literally had noway home. Except a patient t hat was getting released the same day as me, offered to take me with her.
            My husband wouldn't even get me a bus ticket home and my father ended up getting me one. I tried to get him to work it out,due  to loving him and he refused. After 6 months, I filed for divorce.  I told him I'd always love him and we were divorced a year later. Over the duration of 10 years when I'd think about it and not knowing how he could treat the one that loved him the most how he did, I'd cry. I met my current husband 3 years ago and when I told him the story,I broke down crying and told him it was the worse pain I had to go through. The very next day, I get an email. His wife wanted to chat with me. Her words to me were, he has been going through a lot of karma. She said, he married after me and his wife took everything of theirs, ran up credit on him,etc. So his 3rd wife being the current, told me that he got into trouble with the military due to her drugs,going to prison for 2 years and he had gotten busted back a rank. He contacted me a few days later to say he was sorry for how he treated me and that he and his wife split up. I told him he hurt me bad and he had been the love of my life.
       Well he said he and his wife weren't getting along and she left him and told me to come down there. I said, Two days later, they both respond to say it was a joke to see if I'd do it. I guess he thought he could hurt me badly. However, after talking to his wife online for a few days and her telling me what a bad husband and father he is, I knew I didn't miss out on anything. For me it was good karma to get closure by realizing he would've never been the husband I thought he'd be had he stayed with me. A year has since passed since they contacted me and I read on his face book that he is getting kicked out of the military on October 3rd, my birthday of all times. He ended up losing his career of 13 years, but am glad he can't say it was because of me. Perhaps him putting his career before me, judging me and never giving us a chance as a married couple, have been his karma. It took 10 years to see him get it, but it does definitely come around. 
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Ever since 2009 when my son's father cheated on me, put me in jail for catching him then why I was in jail he changed the locks on the doors to our house, so I couldn't retrieve any of my belongings. About six months later He took me yo court for full custody of our son, not once but twice. This wen't on for over two years! It was complete hell for me. Since then he has gotten married and lives in a 300.000 plus thousand dollar house, and has had several new vehicles. When will CARMA bite this ******* in the ***? I'm sick of watching him flourish!!

To: the1codex

You know, most men will put on the high and proud mentality, they do not realize that it comes with a cost. It costs more they are willing to pay. Your post clearly are similar of the words I have wanted to speak. Believe me, you will one day find a husband worthy of keeping you. You keep your chin up, may Jesus bless you always.


This is to: Coolchic101

I wanted to tell you that you have done a great service to one person. That person is you. You also helped a wounded human, that human is your neighbor, they can be yourself, or the person next to you, and vice versa. You will always get something good coming back 10 fold. Believe me, one day a good man will sweep you off your feet. You will be so open to him. Soon you will be married one day. having a happy family with dreams that are endless.

I hope and pray you take care and most importantly of all. Keep the good fruits shining.


My ex-boyfriend, the first love of my life. It took me a long time to get over him. I thought we had a future together but he was so unstable, it wasn't meant to be. He broke up with me and regretted it. We had reconnected through facebook after 13 years. He told me he had many failed & unhealthy relationships (he tried to compare his ex-girlfriends with me), has anger issues, his roommate stole from him, got injured in the military, gained weight, moved back home with his parents. He told me he regret breaking up with me that I was the one for him. He told me I was a good & beautiful person with a good heart. The karma was that he went through hell. I still love him but I can't be with him because he's mentally and financially unstable so there is no future between us.

He has tried many times to pursue me and contact me after my divorce from my ex-husband but I just end up ignoring his emails. He needs to find his own life.

My ex-husband is a cheater and an abusive man. More mentally and verbally abusive. I can't say he was physically abusive because he has only layed his hand on me a couple times out of anger. I was his only girlfriend so he didn't know how to have a relationship with me because he was inexperienced but that doesn't mean he could still go out cheating on me.

He felt justified for his infidelity and he shows no remorse for what he did. He is selfish. I had a child with him. Our child is torn between us. My ex had to move back home to Europe because he wasn't legal in the US. When he lost his job and his visa, that was when we got married. We kept postponing his green card. Something was always preventing me to postpone working on his green card and now I know my answer. Despite all this, I was the one who often strived to salvage our marriage but he sat there and did nothing. I learned that we can not make someone do something against their will. I am still in pain and depressed over this man. You think that after a divorce it's all over. Well it's never "over" when there is children involved.

My ex is trying to make me feel like a bad parent and he will try to fight for custody for our son. Our son lives with me in the US. He sends me negative vibes (which are draining) and he is negative and uncooperative in his emails, if I do not say what he wants to hear. I talked about karma to him in the past and what he said was scary like he says he is invincible to it. People eventually reap what they sow.

I have gotten good karma. I experienced it and it is great feeling. Maybe because I try to do good and fair things. I went out of my way to help strangers and to do random acts of kindness. I also try to go above and beyond from what is expected from me. It's the little things we do to help others and brighten up their days, helps bring a little peace into the world.

If you loved him you'd wish him well.

That is the biggest misinformation ever to be given....BS... she did love him...and he abandoned her...she does not have to wish him well to prove her the way karma is not about wishing people is about people getting what they dished out just because the universe decided it was time...oh and thier own stupid behavior!

Wow! What a story!

I hope you are very happy with your husband now .