Karma Is True

Do u ever hear the old saying that what comes around goes around, its true karama is real and it can hurt at times and be ur friend too. Always treat others how u wanna be treated!
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6 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Ty to everyone that has left me so many thoughtful and true and honest comments, sorry but I have been away and just now got back but happy thanksgiving to all and ty again!

so many times i have been in a situation where i feel like what can i do they are wearing me down and then i always think what goes around comes around and then i say ok say what you want to me

its true what goes around does come around. there are alot of mean people in the world<br />
today its as though hate is the answer for everything. and its wrong hate is not the answer.<br />
<br />
the project i am starting is to bring people closer togather. i want to help others in need<br />
its time to give back to others. and say less of me more about you. we have got so<br />
caught up in our desires. what about love. is love lost and how can we reach out.<br />
<br />
my project Ap peer mentoring. will connect people togather and help lend a helping hand<br />
people who want to connect with familys will have that chance. volunteers will be given<br />
online classes to use a computer. to help market to help find resources for others. <br />
so they can get help that they need. people helping people. its time for a change. thankyou- apcarl<br />
my email is apcarl2010@hotmail.com<br />
or 206-337-4082 is my voice talk soon-carl whitmore

ty buddy bbuds:}

Yeah, nothing is worse than karma, that is for sure.

thanks for ur support and again I to agree with u, livefreedieyoung!