I Believe In Karma!!

When I was a kid, my parents and grand mother brought me up teaching me to be nice and helpful to others. I was told many stories about KARMA including the one about a family where most of the members got mentally ill because they had cheated a man and not given his money back to him. While growing up, I had many experiences where people got their punishments and rewards for what they had done to me and my share of punishments and rewards for what I had done. I believe in Karma and my belief has been strengthened by various incidents which have taken place over the course of the 25 years of my life. I would like to share this one story of mine which took place last year.
It happened at work. A male colleague of mine had a big fight with me for no reason and I was not at fault. He heckled me and was rude to me. I found his behavior towards me very insulting. The argument finally sent us to the supervisor's office where I was not supported by my supervisor. I felt alone and was not given justice. Everyone at work was on his side and he had lied to them about me.
As days went by, we again started interacting just as colleagues, restricting it to work and there were no more arguments, but I would avoid him.
One afternoon, when there was no one around, he came and sat next to me. He started asking me very personal questions like- If I had a boyfriend, if I liked girls, if I had slept like any body, if I had a live-in relationship with someone. He went to a point where he said that he had slept with (he used the word se*) a girl. I got extremely uncomfortable and told him that I was a nice girl and wasn't into all that stuff. I just got up from there with an excuse that I was busy. He immediately said that he was joking and had never slept with anyone! I probably guess he had lied about his sleeping to make me blurt out some hidden secrets of my life, so that he could go around and tell them to everyone!
I felt like I had been raped mentally, emotionally, that afternoon. I could not concentrate on work. I wanted to talk about it to someone but could not since everyone supported him and I would have been called a liar. I told my mom about it and I told her he will get it back some day, some way. I stopped talking to him and never talked about it to anyone again.
Few days later, my new supervisor called him to his office. He was 'falsely' accused of talking inappropriately with a girl who works in my office. The guy was not ready to accept it, and even the girl said that she had not complained and that it was not true. He was taken to our big boss by the supervisor. His character was questioned by everyone and I'm sure he had the worst day ever at work. He was allowed to work with a warning (the guy never accepted that he was at fault, but my supervisor still was suspicious about him.)

I had forgotten about that afternoon and how he had talked dirty to me. It suddenly occurred to me that he had received the punishment for what he had done to me. It was Karma that got back at him. I praised God immediately. I was extremely happy and had tears in my eyes. I had forgiven the guy, but God, Karma did not forgive him. That incident made my faith in God grow more stronger. It made me the biggest believer in Karma. :) Bad deeds, wicked games backfire! So, watch out, bad people!!
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Aug 9, 2010