I am a strong believer in karma. It seems to always hit me. Not in a good way. It's like I can't even make one spiteful comment in my head without things not working in my favor.

But, I don't think it hits the right people. Cruel people seem to get all the good things in life where I end up with very little.
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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

I'm the same way! Once I made a comment to my ex-husband (after he left me for another woman) and it completely came back to me. You see, he and his girlfriend (his secretary) got fired from their jobs since it was against their company's policy for them to be in a relationship. I was rubbing it in my husband's face and said, "Well, at least I didn't get fired" - and a couple months later, I got fired. Ironically, what got me fired was the fact that I had asked for time off to try to work things out with my husband, and they said I could, but then a couple months later they fired me, saying I wasn't supposed to take time off during the probationary period of 3 months on the job.