A 100 Percent True Story.

One morning, me and my friend N were sitting down on the grass under a tree in a park, studying.

It was the same morning i took this pic in my avatar. This being the middle of March, spring is in full bloom.

So there were lots of birds too, chirping away. Suddenly some bird from some branch above did his job and it landed on my trousers. I looked up said loudly "Thank you!" and started looking for something to clean it off. I found a crumpled ball of paper lying nearby and tore a bit of it to skive that little thing off my leg.

N said"You Idiot! that paper contained the thing i had just explained to you and you're using it to clean bird stuff?"

THIS is where Karma struck. On N's pants! A big(way bigger than mine) proof of Karma lay splattered on his trousers.

I laughed so hard i got tears in my eyes. I told N "This is CLASSIC!"
He didn't say anything and grabbed that paper from me.

See? Karma actually exists. So next time, say thank you to birds, they don't need to be angry birds to take revenge for you, its Karma baby!... (although i must admit i was only being sarcastic, but i guess, thats Karma, weird and everything.)
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Wow so many commments on this little post?

lol... "angry birds" hahahahaha! anyone else catch that?

When I was a kid my father was bombarded by a seagull.... we were buying some fish at the port....he thought that the fishermen threw something to him.... they were laughing so hard about the incident... we were laughing too... but with discretion... since he was too angry..... at the end we needed to tell him that the fishermen did not do anything.... but it was a seagull... all the way home my brother and I were giggling...

Once knew a woman named Karma. She was not India Indian. She was English. I am definitely not knocking any ethnicity. Every ethnic group is good. Her parents believed in Karma.<br />
I know C. Jung believed in synchrnicity He believed virtually everything happened for a reason. IOW there were no coincidences. My then hubby usually took one mode of transportation to work about 6 years ago. For some reason he went a different way. On that day there was a terrible accident Tragically, unfortunately three people, two women and a man were killed. If Jerry was there who knows what would of happened.

Anyone watch Bar Karma?

Here is one for the books. I lost my first greyhound in 1993 and had whippets after that I simply didenĀ“t find a greyhound before and I lived in a place that only allowed two dogs pr household. Then in Janurary 2005 I had whippet puppy of only nine months his name was Alex he became ill and I took him to the vet at first we thought that his swollen eye was because of a scratch in the cornia he was put on antibiotics. He was injected in the scruff of the neck and he kept bleeding not just that the injection site was swollen and sore about ten days later he got seziures something that looked a lot like epelepsy: I called my vet and he came out for a home visit he examined my Alex and he said sadly this is not epelepsy but a brain tumour Alex was only semi concious after that last seziure I asked the vet what he would recomend and what he would do if the puppy was his I told him that what ever was best for Alex would be best for me too. He said that since there was little hope of recovery from the diagnosis he had the kindest thing to do was to let him cross the rainbow bridge. "I said goodbye see you my lad that day" I was shattered for quite a while after his passing but then I got the idea that the best way to honour the uniqe bond of love between us would be to give a home to hound that had never had one and that had never known love at all. An aquaintance found an organisation called Galgos sos Denmark and I talked to the person in charge of this organisation and was approved to adopt a galgo (breed of Spanish sighthound) The night before I was to pick my new family member up at the airport in Copenhagen I had a call from Madrid Spain to say there was some bad news and some good news what would I like to hear first I braced myself and said give me the bad news first as it turned out the galgo I was waiting for was too traumatised to travelthe good news was they had found another hound only a centimeter smaller than the one I was waiting for would I like to have him instead he was such a good hound I said do what you think is best for the both of them. I went to the airport the next day to pick up my new unknown familymember expecting a galgo I met the second in comand of the organisation and signed the adoptionpapers and paid the agreed fee for my new familymember. She then asked me if I wanted to see a picture of my new hound and very cerimoniously she put a piece of paper in front of me and slowly turned it over so that I could see a picture of my new hound and to my complete surprise and delight it was a picture not of galgo as I had come to expect but a young greyhound which I told he was. She asked how I could be so sure and I said that once you have had a greyhound you will never forget them. So Connor came into my life I later traced his pedigree and this is when I knew we were ment to be together I found out that he is related to my first greyhound Niki whom I loved and had missed for all those years. No doubt it was fate or Karma as I have since moved to a bigger place and brought two more unwanted greyhounds home. I started my own organisation in 2006 because I found out just how many greyhounds are mistreated pr year and how many of them are just killed when their racing careers are at an end to say nothing about the way they are treated whilst racing. In a way I have come full circle it was karma and I have no regrets just thought I would share this with you as I know it was fate or karma if you will. Thanks for sharing the above its always nice to meet likeminded people.

The bird anecdote sounds made for Twitter. lol

Sure it's Karma, but isn't Karma just another word for Fate?<br />
John R<br />
Author, WAITING FOR POPS<br />

And then there was the guy who said "My karma just ran over my dogma." Maybe some guy whose reality had just trumped his politics.

That is funny! Nice little birds they are!

what a bunch of bull

I totally believe in Karma! I used to bartend and sometimes my customers weren't what you would call the nicest customers in the world. On this one day in particular I had this guy that called me a nasty name to get my attention. I walk down to the end of the bar and he begins to tell me what he wants to drink and that I am to make it a certain way. Normally I would of put him in his place because I worked at a place where I could of had him thrown out just for the name he called me. I begin to make his drink and he is watching me like a hawk and screaming at me. "To much this......and not enough that". By thistime thoughtsof dumping this drink over the topofhis head was dancing in my head. I bring him the drink and he says "where ismy lemon" this drink never got garnish and in his list of demands he didn't once ask for a lemon. I bit my lip walked towards the lemons and I heard him call me a dumb *itch. Now as you can imagine I wanted to beat this guy within an inch of his life. But I brought him the GD lemon. The drink was $4.75 and he hands me a 5 and then waits till I bring his quarter back. I am so ticked of at this point I want to wring his neck. He turns around and walks right into this huge "biker" type fella. The drinks spills all over the front of the jerk and then the "biker" dude gave him a look of your gonna need a body cast and the guy runs out the door. One of the many "instant" karma stories that I have witnessed. Karma is out there people and she is a *itch!

i absolutely loved this post! thanks for sharing :)

what really do u think when the splat happen? Not everyone calm enogh when anything happen to them.

Charles Kingsley had two characters in his Water Babies both of whom sum up Karma- Mrs Be Done By As You Did and Mrs Do As You Would Be Done By. Enough said?

<br />
<br />
<br />
I was shopping one fine day in a Supermarket with my Mom<br />
We picked up some Groceries and as we proceeded to the checkout I realised we did not need one Item. So I told Mom we will leave this on one of the shelves nearer to the counter, which I did to save a long walk back to its correct place. She said that will be fine.<br />
Little did we know what lay ahead as a lesson to both of us<br />
Suddenly Sai Baba materialised and said Amarjit ' You do not need this Karma'<br />
I asked '''Karma what Karma Baba, what are you talking about are you feeling okay''<br />
Baba said the ''Karma of leaving the Groceries on the wrong shelf, not returned where you picked them up from''.<br />
I Said ' Come On Baba' What is wrong with you ? How can leaving this item here be a Karmic Issue''<br />
Baba said ' Come Amarjit we will go into the future and see what happens-<br />
Baba waved his hand with a special Mudra in the way he only does and suddenly<br />
We are standing next to the Grocery I placed on the side as I could not be bothered to return it to the correct shelf which was a long walk away. Baba said<br />
"Look Amarjit-!"<br />
We see one of the store assistant coming he sees the Grocery in the wrong section and starting hurling tremendous NEGATIVITY/CURSES/PSYCHIC ATTACK at the person who placed it there (ME). He is muttering to him self<br />
''All day I keep collecting and restocking Groceries in their correct places WHY are people not considerate to me''.<br />
Baba said "Look this assistant is very tired all day he has to restock the groceries in the correct shelves and he is Certainly not happy, and every item he has had to correct he has become more and more annoyed<br />
Do you need this Karma Amarjit?<br />
And also look at the Grocery item you have placed on the shelf the collective consciousness of this is not happy as it feels it is responsible for this curse being sent to you.<br />
Amarjit in future tread as the Gods do AND REVERE EVEN THE GROUND YOU ARE WALKING ON WALK WITH COMPASSION AS DO GODS WALK'' learn Not to create Karmic Issues Let this be a lesson to you''.<br />
So dear fellow Spiritual warriors learn from this lesson this is a teaching from the Gods, Remember what ever action we do or take has a direct affect on our Karma. Learn to radiate Love always that's is the way to raise our Godliness.<br />
<br />
every breath love God Amarjit<br />
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
<br />
Karma is a Sanskrit word that means "action." Karma has commonly been considered a punishment for past bad actions, but karma is neither judge nor jury. Rather, it is simply the universal law of cause and effect that says every thought, word and act carries energy into the world and affects our present reality. Karma can also refer to the "work" we have ahead of us, which includes lessons from both our past and present lives.<br />
The Natural Law <br />
The theory of karma harps on the Newtonian principle that every action produces an equal and opposite reaction. Every time we think or do something, we create a cause, which in time will bear its corresponding effects. And this cyclical cause and effect generates the concepts of (or the world) and birth and reincarnation. It is the personality of a human being or the jivatman - with its positive and negative actions - that causes karma.<br />
===============================================================================<br />
As you sow so shall you reap<br />
Meaning : Your deeds, good or bad, will repay you in kind.<br />
<br />
Origin<br />
<br />
From the Bible, Galatians VI (King James Version):<br />
<br />
Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.<br />
<br />
www.kktanhp.com<br />
<br />
Click here: Universal Law of Karma

by non biological, i don't mean those from outer space or from firearms or from bows or from launchpads btw

Yeah. but i dont mind projectiles shot from non biological origins.

Aahahahaha! XD yeah..<br />
<br />
You know what happened today? Hailstorm.. so B was saying how hard they can hit so I had a bet and stood out there getting wet in the rain but no hails hit me! Guess I'm getting lucky!

xD<br />
<br />
The birds had the BG's! (Bubble Guts)

Not much, Wood.<br />
<br />
Floydess, we moved to a bench under an umbrella after that. :D<br />
I'm going there again today. :)

That must've smelled. :)