"You Reap What You Sow"

Everything bounces back. Whatever you do will come back to you. I believe in it that's why this grounded me so many times. I am somehow wary of the positive and negative effect of my actions. So the best way to deal with it, is to follow the golden rule. "Do unto others what you like others do unto you".

I remember the movie "Les Miserables". I can never forget the scene when the man who was sheltered by the old couple tried to steal some precious possessions in  their home. The couple did the other way, they let him had everything rather than do untoward action against him. They said it will help him to restart a new life, a better one. The scene gave me a conscious effort to ponder that, if someone has hurt us, don't just forgive, but give them the benefit of the doubt. Give them a  chance to reverse their action if not now, later in life.

I believe that evil doesn't reside in any human heart. People are compelled to do bad things because of life situations. If someone has done unfavorable things to you, there's always Karma. The best revenge is to continue doing good things in life so you won't only prosper materially but your good aura will shine and infect people along the way. By doing this, you will grow as a better person while the person who wronged you will wallow in a mud of pity and envy.

Life is so short so why would you let somebody mess around with you. Walk away from people who doesn't  inspire but slow you down. Karma will be a good revenge. You don't have to get even.
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See Miss Forest. You have always had that inner strength inside of you. You are so admired!!

thank you. I need stenght lest am crazy now....

They say there are hints of past or future lives in our present life. Usually it's in our hobbies or things we adore and likes to enjoy. It maybe in a fantasy fictional character or an animal spirit for example. Sometimes our past life karma catches up to us in this life also. For instance a stranger or a family member we dislike for no apparent reasons.What do you think 4Blackforest?

I believe in deja vu' and premonition.

I don't necessarily disagree so well stated :) Unfortunately people are swayed entirely too often to make poor choices despite their life situations.

poor choices because of some mishaps that led to another. I had poor choice once and am still suffering.

What are you doing/what have you done to rectify those choices? We are not infallible :)

let's just say I woke up from a nightmare and I never been this happy after the realization.

Eggcellent :D Can I borrow some money?

No way. I don't lend money to strangers...Lol

C'monnnnnnn we are e-friends!

are we? last time I checked you are not i my circle. :)))))

That's a tough circle to crack!

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Yep what goes around comes back around and goes back around. Your life is a big fat credit and debit account of karma. Remember it's all about the decisions that you make. Not just your actions but also your intentions. You might have a bad day, but if you take revenge that's a double negative dose of karma for you and no positive return.

Very wise words, but it's killing me to say the old couple is a bishop and his sister soooo . . But still wonderful. xx

I agree with this. very nice post.


YES i agree with you whatever we send out to others returns in its own due time the love we send out returns the hate we send out returns whatever we think say and do all returns to usso its best to send out love to all. vinny

well thankyou vinni

yes. . . very true . . . this is the creed I live by . . . if anything it does make for a better person . . .

I feel that when someone does another person wrong it will come back to that person 10 fold in some way or form--so we all need to be careful how we treat others.

i am lost, all i ask is reason from my loved one who left me, why did you lie?what was my fault?i could have changed myself, could have become a better person, she never gave me a second chance and left me in doubts, i kept asking her for help, to heal me she never replied, I did not become angry, never abused her, never was demeaning, all i asked her to ease my pain. will karma help me get over it?please reply...vatz

events happen for a reason. we might not comprehend it now but time will come we will find reasons. Heal and don't allow yourself wallow in the pit overwhelming pity. Maybe, it's a blessing in disguise because there's something better in store for you.

i am sorry that you have to go through this. it is awful. no, karma will not ease your pain. ok - if she broke your bone, will it help heal any faster or better if she fell and broke her bone? what she broke was your heart/soul. you can get over by fixing your broken heart, sewing up your wounds one by one, don't let it fester over. if she truly loved you, she would never have left you hurting and in doubts. so let her go. detox your system from all the pain, the hurt. it is not so simple and easy. it is hard but you need to anchor and heal yourself. stop thinking about her and what will happen to her. you need to dissociate yourself from her and concentrate and focus on you - on healing and getting better. don't worry about her. worry about you and living your life. you need to close the door to her so you can open your heart to receive someone else.

I truly have an instinct that this thing will make me stronger, as for her I really have nothing to say about her, hope she has a good life. And I thank you so much for replying.

Spot on advice, thank you for giving me some of your wisdom, the pain is a little less than it was when I posted the comment(march) hope with time it gives me strength and resolve to fight back. Thank you again my kind sir.

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thanks for the comments. I appreciate them so much!

I go along with everything you have written. Always treat people how you would like to be treated yourself. Sometimes people throw things back in your face but what comes around goes around. <br />
Another phrase is God moves in mysterious ways.<br />
Well written BF.

thank you for appreciating what I have written...for me Karma isn't just a religious doctrine but also a guiding principle to mankind: a way of letting us know that we should think twice before doing something in this life and we should also reflect that revenge is not the best way to get even with people who wronged us.

@wintomint thank you for such long comment. I enjoy reading it. We can get angry if someone provoke us but anger should not dwell longer than a day. It should only be a reflex action but not something we should carry in our hearts forever because it diminishes energy and add wrinkles...lol...Sleep over it then a new day can bring another reason to smile.<br />
<br />
@ azspirit53 so true. thanks for the comment.

You're very wise, but I have to say, that it isn't about revenge. If you live in the way that you're talking about, you'll eventually stop feeling any need to plot revenge on anyone, the word would never even come out of your mouth. <br />
This is a beautiful comment that you made- "Give them a chance to reverse their action if not now, later in life."<br />
With an attitude like that, you're acknowledging that when someone does something to cause you to suffer, it is only because they themselves are suffering. You feel deep compassion and empathy for them and you wish that their suffering would cease. Because you are focused on what hardship they must be going through, you no longer need to feel resentment or a need to retaliate against them. They've already got enough **** on their plate and you are strong enough to not let whatever garbage they try to pass on to you in ignorance have any lasting effect on you. When they lash out, it's similar to a child calling you a "BIG FAT STUPID HEAD" or something like that, you don't take it personally, you just acknowledge that this person has some growing to do and some things to overcome. You are an incredible person for taking on this mode of living. What a great perspective.

Totally right on. People who hurt another person are the ones who are hurting the most. They are unconscious of their anger, envy, jealousy and hatred. They are kids crying out loud for help when they lash out at you. It is better to walk away from them when this happens than being zapped by their negativity.

There would be times that we have ill-feeling about those who wronged us and wish that they would eventually harvest the fruits of their labor. Then, we thought of karma and it somehow eases the bad feeling.

Mistakes should be a learning experience. We are only human, we are prone to it.

Yes. It is.