I Was Angry So I Did It...then Pay Back Came

I was mad at a person at my school who didn't pay me back money they owe me.
I tried to search facebook to find their cell phone number. So I can spam by giving it out to a random person on Omegle.com
to spam their phone for me. I was unsuccessful spamming the persons phone so I took their email address instead on Omegle.com.
I found a few people who said they would do it by faking that was my email and they sent a message. The next morning for getting up ready for school
I had a new text message on my cell phone. From someone who wasn't in my area code it said "I love your curls :-)"

That's when I put spamming aside that freaked me out for the entire day of school while the money taker had a good day.

Do I smell Karma in the air?
ToBeOptimistic ToBeOptimistic
18-21, F
May 7, 2011