The Karma I've Had In This Life

now my life hasn't been great but to be honest i've brought it on myself. i used to steal very often. i'd steal anything if i thought i could use it or sell it for something, not because of a drug addiction or anything like that, it was only because i enjoyed stealing. when i was in high school i stole items and sold it for money so i could start selling weed. i wanted weed dealing to be a regular thing. about two or three months into doing this i got caught for stealing and had to pay five hundred dollars just to have the charges dropped. should have learned then right? nope i was too hard-headed. when i went overseas i stole even more than i did before because i was a supply specialist for the U.S. Army. when i got back i lost just about all the stuff i stole or helped steal, my money got wasted on dumb stuff because of impulse buying and my car, that i paid for in cash, got completely totaled after a year after i bought it. did i learn then? nope, lol. at the time when i came back from overseas with all the money i had i went into pot dealing and employee theft. i worked at bars and i found any way to steal supplies or cash when i worked these places and deal as much weed as i possibly could. bad karma constantly kept coming but i never paid attention. people would screw me over, things would happen that would make me lose money constantly and i could never explain why they would happen. when my car finally got smashed into where the passenger door was not even able to open i started to pay attention. my type of karma and the energy that i have accumulated through past lives has been so bad that it's to a point where if i don't change i could end up ruining my life completely. so i quit stealing, i quit dealing, i quit trying to scheme for money because i thought it was fun and quick. my life is improving slowly because of it. it's harder to try and live life honestly but i'm better because of it.
BornWarrior87 BornWarrior87
22-25, M
Sep 14, 2011