Good Things To Good People, Bad Things To Bad People

Of course I believe in karma!  It makes sense.

Good things tend to happen to good people.  Bad things tend to happen to bad people.
The only real question is what's good and what's bad.  Every culture has that differently, so there's no way of knowing.
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i definatly believe in karma,my experiance was with a girl at work,i dont know if she picked on me just for kicks but she was a right ***** to me and for no reason,anyway this went on for about a month,and i wished inside my head that something bad would happen to her..........and it did a few weeks later !! ,someone had been cleaning the floor in the ladies toilet,and not put the sign ,that said cleaning in progress !! she went to the toilet and went flying straight onto her back,she has been of work on and off ,..for the last 12 months plagued with her back problems....KARMA !!

I believe in karma. For most of it, it's on my side. <br />
I'm baptised but really my real belief is in spiritualism. <br />
Fate has to do with everything in my opinion. <br />
<br />
When I say karma is on my side, I had a girl who used to bully me really badly and told everyone not to talk to me. Then one day, she slipped out of her mouth to someone who had cancer in our class to 'go and die'. Everyone hated her for the rest of the year and she stopped. <br />
<br />
I don't think karma has anything to do with religion, it's just something that comes in a flaw of your personality or your disrespect to others.

Maybe you could look at it this way. Karma is a lense on causality, but as such, it is imperfect and subjective.

Karma? What about Jesus, and Martin Luther King? <br />
Certainly they didn't deserve what happened to them. <br />
<br />
It is absurd, 3rd world people don't deserve to start life with so much hardship because of past life karma. No, Karma is an excuse for the rich and the comfortable. <br />
<br />
Don't buy it.

Hey, hey, cool it! Everything has outliers.

I'm not saying it applies STRICTLY. I'm just saying it applies in general.

(edits the story to add "tends to" in front of both instances of "happen")

There. That better?

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