The First 2 Hours In Ep

I heard about EP on my first lecture on social networking. That's right I'm doing my bachelor's on social networking. I found it really interesting since it enables everyone to share their experiences and be open to the world and let the others read and learn from it. BUT!!! is EP being used what it is intended for??? I'm not exactly sure...

I came across a lot of nudity and stories regarding sex. And the first chat i had with a person ended up talking about sex(Not what you think). It is powerful than most of you all think. Looking at a real person's naked pictures other than **** stars is much more pleasurable i guess. Seeing naked pictures of a girl made me look them in a different way and it actually aroused me for some extend even though I'm not gay. So i think its much of a sex tool other than anything else. HMMM...

what do u think? :)
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I could have told you that before you even signed on here..

Two hrs, and you've found that out. You're good. It took me months to realize that there are lots of pervs here. LOL! <br />
I do believe that this site has lots of those sex stories. But also believe it is has also great things to offer, not just sex. Otherwise this wouldn't be a place for those who I find with amusing interesting stories, not at all about sex. So many of those kinds of stories. Very familiar to all who are not even interested to always talk about intimate matters.<br />
EP has a lot to offer when it comes to interacting. Depending on how you filter your interests. Chats, Arts, sex, dramas. Marital advice, medical and psychological views, funny stories, emotional attachments or just casual thrills. You can chanel yourself depends to how you feel. But it is not a site dominated by sex. But I have to include there are stories here, that makes me winced.

I express myself in different ways on EP than I would on Facebook where Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and co-workers monitor closely what is going on in everyone else's life. I have posted things on EP that I wouldn't dare post on other sites. There is only one person on EP that I know off-line. Well, there could be more, but to my knowledge there is only one, and she is a close enough friend that I can say anything in front of her. I'm interested to know what you plan to do with your Social Networking degree.

you definitely made a point here...and you absolutely right.<br />
When i had made an account on ep almost two years back,i was glad to read and share my experiences.and i used to spend hours n hours on ep....but as ep getting popular and known among people.i think its losing its purpose...and its only becoming a source of sexual outlet for frustrated n desperate people....its really saddening.

true but i too like expressing my self sexually :)

Very stimulating of you.

That's why there is a report button… I only talk to people on this that add under 18 and don't revel anything personal

Yes there is a lot of sex on here. But what many educators fail to point out, many simply because they consider themselves evolved, is that the primary social network definition is sex. Whats some of the first information you receive about anyone? Their sex. Then you find out who they are with sexually, ie bf/gf husband/wife, or just who they are sleeping with. You usually also find out their sexual orientation. You find this out so that you know where in their social network you can fit. You even had to define your sexual orientation by pointing out you were not gay when aroused by an image of a female. We are just animals. We may be rather clever ones and we do not go around sniffing each other's butts much but we still ba<x>se our roles on sex. <br />
<br />
Many people have forgotten that these are all social networking SITES, not social networking as a whole. There may be more sex on this site than some more PG sites but there is less than more XXX ones also.

Nice that your honest, and a stimulating, stimulated lady.