What Is Peace.....

Is peace merely the absence of war, or is it tranquility despite the conflict? Is happiness the absence of suffering, or is it contentment despite the imperfections? I believe we can be happy in a world that is already broken, and have inner peace in the midst of chaos. We can be in a frustrating situation but choose not to get frustrated, and we can find bliss in less-than-ideal situations. Happiness is a choice. Instead of focusing on how much better things "could be", appreciate how great things already are. Approach each moment with gratitude, and you will not only stop experiencing life from a place of lack, you will experience abundance! And THAT is luxury. THAT is being rich! 
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so well spoken my friend, i cant add a thing

I LOVED this post . And I could not agree with you more . Happiness is something we create in ourselves true contentment and happiness is not reliant solely on another person or a bank account of the size of a house or even a country you live in . It is solely dependent on one thing , ourselves.

I love your post!<br />
I think like you and this is what gives me strength.<br />
We complain about our job and when we look around there are people without one.<br />
We complain about our shoes and when we look around there are people with no feet to wear a shoe. We should be thankful for what we have and enjoy it during the moment of our existence. We make life complicated, when, if we take an introspective look at ourselves we would realize that life should be simple.<br />
What exactly do we need in life? Food, Clothing, Shelter,The air that we breath and a peace of mind.<br />
Politics and sinful wealth are a curse to mankind.<br />
If we look carefully at the pathway of life. We came into this world naked from our mother's womb and would leave slightly clothed out of respect to our adult body. All that we fought for and achieve during our lifetime would be left behind,Our house,money in the bank,our car(s) and even the BSc,MSc, and PhD's that we acquire. <br />
However what we would like to leave is a world better than we have found it,and a name and legacy that people can remember and talk good of.<br />
<br />

I have learned<br />
in whatever state i am in<br />
to be content<br />
apostle Paul

Good one :)

I love your positive attitude :) welcome to my circle !

Happiness is a choice - yes! We actually have more power over our own lives and thoughts than we like to admit. It's more convenient to blame something else for our lack of happiness rather than choose it and live it.<br />
<br />
Wise words, very well put.

soo true u knows .)

Yes-I learned this by nearly dying. Change your thoughts-change your mind. Nature is stunning and beautiful. All things are beautiful in their own way,

I believe and think as you. I can't tell you how many times I've seen someone with far less than me, and seen their joy in simple things. After many years of altering my mindset, I have learned to find more joy in simple things. Sitting on the porch just watching the scene before me, and within my mind gives me joy. Sure, I fail in this activity at times, but peace and happiness comes from God through us, not in our material possessions or physical situations. Great story!

this touched me..
joyinthejourney, clg

thank you and peace to you.

I am trying to focus on the beauty. It gets hard but I know I need peace and I know I have to be open to it.

Wise words...


I love your post! It is so true.