You Reap Just What You Sow!

My beautiful daughter is the one I want to write about. She is an 18year old Girl with passion and drive. She is going away to University ,and that makes me so proud but also saddens me ,of her departure. But now right now, she doesn't even want to come home. Why? Because of us, me and my husband! A pair of useless *** addicts! You see she has a terrible anger problem. She gets so mad and frustrated, because of us! Because we are not normal!! Per se!! She has had to put up with addiction her whole life, and now, now she has had enough. I am due to go to Rehab, but still this is not enough, or it is too little ,too late. We have let her down and down, until, she just gives us nothing! She is angry ,hurt and lost. She is about to go out and begin life and we are not there to back her up. We are always too busy in our little drug worlds! If I knew now, what my addiction would do to her, I would have changed long ago. We reap what we sow. I never believed it, but now I see its true! All her problems descend from ours. All her anger is because of us! She needs counselling, and is going to get it. But is it too late! Every addict, yes YOU! Look at what you are doing! Look at your family, the people you **** on and let down! They will turn on you!! They will! They will look at you with the disgust you deserve! They will walk! Will they be back? Well thats up to you!! All of you , I warn you, don't end up like me! Because one day it will be too late! Chance gone! Last chance, no refunds!
cath17 cath17
36-40, F
May 18, 2012