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No Need For Revenge.

What goes around comes around. What goes up must come down. Life is a cycle, as the world is round. So no need for revenge!

P.S Just sit back and wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves, and if you are lucky.. God will let you watch. :-D
FreeyourSoul FreeyourSoul 70+ 4 Responses May 19, 2012

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you are so much of an inspiration to me. thanx.

ya but why does Karma take so long...

when it comes to revenge i don't really care what you do to me i'll get over it some time but if you go after some one that can't defend them selfs i like to play with the mind and really make people regret it. just showing the person that was scorned that those who scorn don't profit from it in the end not a hobby.

True. Very well said. Thank you for sharing! :-)

at times you need to defend your self, but i perfer to defend those who are unable to. at a bar a little over a decade ago a big macho guy about the size of a pro wrestler decided to pick up a friends beer that was in a litter mug ( he was also in a wheel chair) and dump it on him. do to his size and the fact that he had a gang of thugs around him every one was to scared to stand up to him, but me. that was it one upper cut and it proved he was an act. he was out for 15-20 minutes and his crew ran. when he woke up he wanted to face who did it so before he got up all the way i kicked his feet out from under him and held him down with one foot on his back. he didn't even try to fight back he was so scarred. i'll take a hit to the face and walk away, i'm bigger then they are but pick on people unfairly like that and i will put you in your place. hit a dog and i can find a leash and collor to tie you up around a tree in the park nude with your hands and feet tied together, no need to hit pets.

very true