Seems Like A Bit Of An Odd Thing To Believe...

,,,for a self professed existentialist...but hey - another of my groups is 'I am full of contradictions' so I guess that's ok then.

I believe Karma is actually an internal filter we carry with us and apply to random chance - a way to make meaning from life's startling randomness.

A means to try and apply some sense of justice to an unfair world.

However in the Buddhist tradition the word really means action or deed -the creation of our next life by the actions in our current if you ignore the bit about reincarnaton - in essence it's kind of existentialist anyway...

Existence precedes Essence.

There is no fate but that we make.
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1 Response Jun 21, 2012

We make our lives, our purpose. We also create the world we live in. As, such there is karma -- not necessarily in terms of reincarnation, but rather in terms of the good (or bad) we do being repaid.<br />
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Or, one can hope, at least. <br />
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Unfortunately, it often seems that no good deed goes unpunished, and evil is rewarded. It is the last of these that I find that the hardest. A friend of mine knew the author of the famous book, "When bad things happen to good people." He told her that people approached him and asked him and he realized that the book he should've written, the one that people have a greater problem with, is "When good things happen to bad people."<br />
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Still, I would like to believe that goodness is rewarded.