If karma is real it needs to point its finger at the people who deserve it....
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Lapiudolce is very wise beyond her years. Listen to the lady as i think it comes from her heart.

How people treat you is their karma;how you react is yours.

Very well said...if the person is making you feel bad, then they are the disease. Cure the disease and cure the problem, no?

Not going to happen when the person I care for the most lets me down yet again and is still playing by different rules. can't do it anymore, pissed off is an understatement! I dont have a glass to clink with you but i have a bottle...

We all feel this way some times, no? You are hurting and perhaps you need to permit your self to feel better. I hurt for you. I hope that you can get the strength to do something fun tonight or tomorrow. A good laugh is needed. Maybe a good cry too, no? I clink my glass with you and make a toast to your health and your future.

seems life just finds you out of everyone, points its finger and says 'lets ruin you today'

Kharma is real and she is a ***** love. Kharma is the sister of Allah and God. She has access to the book of knowledge and she picks through the cases and punishes those she is most impressed for her entertainment.