The Law Of The Paradox.

The Paradox is the lynch pin of the Universe.

The Law of the Paradox allows two polar opposites to exist in the same moment in space/time. Without this law things would just be deleting each other out. This is why I believe there is no natural anti-matter. That is a synthetic product.
Currently they believe that during the Big Bang that all the matter and anti matter nullified each other and there was still a little bit of matter left over.
The particles that were nullified must of been only one polar of the magnet, and they all nullified each other. The one's that were left over were paradoxical particles that were complete magnets. And that is what makes up the entire universe, those left over paradoxical complete particles.

But this could always be altered, I am still on the path of knowledge and do not know enough to figure out the rest of the universe. I figure once you master half the universe, then you'll be totally prepared to master the other half, it'd only take a fraction of the time since you'd be so used to it.

Input and Criticism is always welcomed.
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Even you found the meaning of universe in your fraction of time, next question is whats beyond the universe and what is beyond that. so this lead to unknown always! we are inside a maze which never revealed at all!!!! Even you reveal the end of the thread, it will be never ending at all and extends beyond your imagination. we are still searching the starting of the thread without knowing the size of the bundle and thinness of the thread which the bundle is made off and complexity of how the bundle is made!

It comes down to if you believe it goes on forever into infinity, or if it loops around. So that the end leads back into the beginning. In the loop way of thinking nothing dies because nothing was truly born. If it goes into infinity in a straight line, yes there would have to be a beginning and an end, which defies the meaning of infinity. Because if something starts or ends, then it is finite. This is why I think infinity exists as a loop. The end and beginning being the same moment. This is why The Paradox is the lynch pin to the universe, it pins the end and beginning together to make a loop. The Paradox running the very loop itself.

yeah you saying its a loop/infinity...I agree! my Question is what after the loop....Everything we seeing and you typing is just an imagination of your mind. Even our science is just a perception of our mind. If mind is not there then there is no universe exist for you. It might looks funny like a Indian proverb(If cat closes its eye, then the world is dark). But its true!

Well, everything would be contained within the loop. Outside of the loop, there could be non-existence. Or everything outside of existence could be the Mind of God, also called in science the Quantum Pool. Where everything exists in void, but a complete void where all things are made complete, but formless. From here things are brought into our manifested world, everything that can be exists there.
Mind is what generates the universe. The combination of all minds makes up the super-consciousness, or also the Mind of God. all our sub-consciousnesses combined equals the collective-unconsciousness which is what the universe is run on.
The point of a loop is that it doesn't begin or end, or is always just was. It never begins or ends, even if all matter in the universe was destroyed, the idea of it would still exist. We are all just a projection of our combined minds. If we all died off and returned to the Mind of God, it'll all exist still. Cause the Supreme Being won't be destroyed, and we are it's dream, also it divided as much as possible.

yeah this is mixture or science and Eastern Philosophy! Where people are concluding it as meeting point of science and philosophy. collective conscious is called God, means just a belief is god. Buddhism divides these things more perfectly. Void is god, but Buddha agreed he cannot go beyond void. But didnt tell void is not the end. so wats beyond the void. In your words, God is there in the form of subconscious, so whats beyond the god? I am not asking why God is doing this, but what is beyond the God!

beyond the God would be the smallest point and it would recycle again. Like when you go down to nano size, some people say that is looking at the universe and all the stars and planets. As you go out further and further, eventually you just wind up inside again. that is the main principle of the loop. Think of it as a game of pac-man, when you go out one side and you come in through the other. And what is beyond all that? well there is nothing beyond that. I would think that there would only be a completed-void beyond the loop. where everything is void but whole. I think that science and faith both have the search for God in common.

This is Assumption not realization! we not even understand the things like where we are but by guessing(Wild guess) as the others simply nothing.We dont know the thing we are concentrating for, so we are saying apart from that we are nothing. By Big-bang we are expanding, which is not negotiable at all. so we are expanding in void?, I know Poornamaha mantra in sanskrit which explains everything is taken from void and all. okay next is sub-conscious the thing is upto our knowledge only the earth contains the living beings. Its proved that conscious and sub-conscious is only to living beings which exist in earth. According to the probability with the known extent of universe it is very very granule chance for finding some extra-terrestrial. so upto our knowledge sub.conscious exist only in this Earth not even in the well known nearby planets and other stars where we know there is no extraterrestrial. so your subconscious god is only in earth. The thing I want to say is science can explain things but we are very very far to touch it. They are explaining things are something is correlating to philosophy. But this spiritualist why taking the science as tool and using it as to prove god. If science cant reason something then they are saying that is god, really laughable fact.Don't mix science and philosophy blindly. we can say something in science is already defined in philosophy and co-relate it. but these stupid spiritualist simply saying Quantum Mechanics proved as God is there.See the world as pure science or pure philosophy, may be for your satisfaction you can simple compare it. but dont mix both of them blindly.

but you are also making assumptions with your science. Your making assumptions based on theory, facts that were made by a person. You have not been to any other planet so you can't know. You can say that science or philosophy says this or that, but you'll never have any proof. You'll constantly be looking outward for your answers, and come up with nothing. you say not to mix these things blindly, but you say that the big bang is not negotiable. This shows a inability to adapt and learn new things. They must all fit into your little box, all formed to make the picture you want, not what is.
It all comes down to what you put your faith in, science or religion, or both. But these are the last words I will type to you, you are too closed minded and too linear to make any real intellectual progress.

lol, Its argument. I used to meditate to seek my inner, but I wont spread it until I realize. Just saying don't spread things without realizing. If we do like this then it will be meaningless...tats what I said to the known extend of near by planets don't have life and the probability, Just probability of existence is very very less. Its not assumption as no life there. just a probability. you well know quantum mech is nothing full of probability. you need quantum mech to define your philosophy? Are you willing to say few life is there in mercury or Jupiter? One more thing, why you are closing the conversation by saying we are closed minded? I can see u closed another conversation below like tat bounded to physical. It is just showing your incapable not our stance. Please dont say it to others and stop others to prove you are right. it will demotivate others. Follow some ethics while you want to stop conversation with others. sorry, commented you personnel here.

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Anti-matter is real and observable. The paradox is your unbelief of evidence. No, I am wrong. It is cognitive dissonance. One's pride of learning that is unwilling to be humiliated in the face of contrary evidence. One should always be like a child and be humble of thought − being able to admit mistakes and unlearn useless crap. To fill a cup that is already full, one must learn to tip over.

your too much bound into your physical world, you'll never be free.