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You know those people who do bad or wrong things and always seem to get away with it, that's not me. Well not really, you see whenever i do something wrong, that i know is wrong or mean or hurtful, something always happens in return. It may not be directly related but when it happens i know why it happened. It's like i have a life-scale balancing out all of my happenings to make me even in the long run.  i don't know. Just sometimes i would like to get away with certain things with no consequences but from my expereinces there is always a price.
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there is no karma which is absolutely good or absolutely bad.......what is good for you maybe bad for me......that said every action has undeniably equal and opposite reaction.....the way it manifests itself may not been equally apparent to other person but it does manifest........so there is no straight or narrow path...but just a path which you follow in good faith.....cheers

I believe that life has a way of keeping its own balance. Also, there is alot to be said for the type of energy you put out there. Meaning, if you put out negative, mean-spirited, and/or just hateful/evil energy - it will EVENTUALLY come back to you in one way or another.<br />
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For those who talk about "bad luck" and not doing anything to deserve it. I know exactly what you mean. I'm not sure if you're religious (in any way), or have any type of connection w/spirituality, but I do believe that certain things happen to us for SOME REASON. That reason MAY OR MAY NOT be known to you at the time it is happening, but it will eventually present itself. <br />
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Think about it - if you look back in life....don't things kind of balance themselves?

I've been having such bad luck with my health for the last 7 years yet I know I have done nothing to deserve the awful stuff that has happened to me in this life.<br />
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I think I must have done something awful in another life. Is that not the true law of karma in action?

Laughing in the face of karma i find can sometimes be therapeutic!

... and the bad news is... even if you don't appear to get a affect from the negative you make, it'll still be there... waiting for you ... life time, after life time, until the situation is ripe for it to manifest. Its never when or what you expect or want. WhiteTiger has a point, straight and narrow is the way to go.


I embrace KARMA, and without that sincere belief I would be devastated. People do get back what they put out eventually. I also believe in God, so even if i do not get the chance to see karma acting its way while I am alive, I have the ultimate faith, that people who DO wrong, will have their judgement day!!