You Dont Have a Choice When It Hits You In the Face....

As half a science major, I can't help but apply certain laws of the universe to the facts of life. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
    Everything I have done has come back to me in turn. I have done good things with good intentions, and good things with bad intentions. That is my favorite part of karma: I subscribe to the common belief that you can't collect good deeds like extra lives in a video game and hope to sit back and be set for life.
    It's all about the intention. When I got my boss fired from her job, and then took it, I knew I deserved it, but I perhaps didn't have to go so far to help her out of her comfortable seat in my office. It started out okay, but the job went on to destroy me.
    That's one of the bigger examples, but I think all of the ups and downs in our days, weeks and year are just the cosmic waves ebbing and flowing in the tide of our lives. :)
    Time to learn to surf....
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HANGTEN? or just rise up in the Greenroom, awaiting your next tasty set.

We all have to make choices in our life......our choice decides our path of action(karma)........and as i wrote in one of my articles......our actions define who we are.....we have control over our karma but we have no control over its stop thinking about the consequences.....karma is the only the bitter or sweet( depending on the point of view) truth of life.....we have to live with the consequences because it is the creation of our own karma.....remember we always have a choice to make in our life ~PEACE~

I don't fully believe in karma. Life is just plain unfair.

Nothing to say. EVERYTHING has already been well said. Jobs well done!!!!!!

The song Affirmation by savage garden touches me deeply, i feel comfort listening to the words and for the longest time have been scared of admitting to myself that i have not been putting my best effort into my life and the lives of those closest to me. <br />
Karma teaches us everyday with every experience that we must put it into life what we want in return.<br />
I completely agree that what goes around comes around.

I was amazed to hear the priest at my church (which I haven't been to in years, literally, because the previous priest was a money-grubbing schmuck) speak on the impacts of karma (not using the word karma, of course, but in Christian terms) today at mass. It was downright inspiring and gave me hope that not all Christians are useless.

Oh, very true. So many religions subscribe to this idea (Wicca also comes to mind), but I never thought of it from a scientific point of view. "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." So in other words, the world is kept in harmony. I use this idea to comfort myself when I'm having a bad day. After all, a few days of negative feelings means I should be saving up for a really, really good day, right? xD

It makes sociological sense as well; when I smile at someone I hope that they feel a little better and that they might go on and be nice to someone else. In which case my nice gesture (Smile, a thank-you, anything nice) will snowball.<br />
And I know that when someone is rash with me, when I get bad service from a store or have someone be inappropriately rude, that I get in a bad funk and will probably carry that throw-away negativity with me for the rest of the day, possibly spreading the nastiness around. It makes a big difference how your intentions are perceived as well.<br />
Keep the positive output high, and negative low, your affected the total sum of happy and mad people in a tiny way.<br />
I would call it “What goes around comes around”