My Friend L

is in a major snit about her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, who calls & emails & texts.  Boyfriend can't bring himself to tell her to stop & she probably wouldn't.

She wrote me about this the other day & I thought about some of nasty s**t she did to the ex-girlfriend when L was the ex-girlfriend (the boyfriend also some weird karma going because he keeps swinging back & forth between these two women).  It gave me pause.  What goes around comes around.

So I've been trying to just do what I'm supposed to do & I dead head the petunias in the neighborhood to keep the good karma of flowers flowing.  It was a lesson...

londonmolly londonmolly
5 Responses Jul 18, 2008

I definitely believe in karma. I don't see how anyone can think it doesn't exist.

I believe in karma too. What goes around comes around!!!

Shame that this kind of thing happens so frequently. I hope that you find someone who'll be yours and only yours.

Karma shmarma, you need some real love, kind friends and a good guy or at least your friend does. what guy needs to go back and forth to realise what treasure they have. Mine did it once and never again would he try it. Tell her to email me if she needs words of strength and encouragement of some way of making it clear to him that she will no longer stand for such disrespect! It is downright greedy to want two and share the love one should have for her, mistakes are one thing to keep doing such silly things is down right not fair and rude to your friends! Tell him to get stuffed or make a choice usually guys can't take a hint they respond well to ultimatums, trust me I am pregnant and married and sometimes you gotta fight for a man you think you deserve!

I too am a big believer in karma. <br />
Besides what can she expect when she puts herself in such a position?