Betrayed By Family

My family has betrayed my in way's that are damaging to the soul. And no matter the actions of a family member, you always should back your family up. Because for some people family is all they have. Recently my oldest brother was involved in very disrespectful slander, becuase he is mad at me for telling my dad I'm worried about his addiction.. and the other family member's of mine didnt believe me or take my concern into consideration. And now everyone in my family is calling me names and disowning me for showing my concern the only person that believes me is my father.. and after everything I have been through (look at my profile and pics) family is all I have left and they shut me out. Now people I dont even know are speaking of me and continue to degrade and harass me. I wound up deleting my facebook and moving away from my family. My father is the only one that has stood by me and now I feel so abandoned by them like I dont even matter to them any more.. and yes karma sucks and those that are mean and spiteful for their own satisfaction will get what they get. What goes around comes back around.
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

I am sorry to hear that.

But if I may interject, this is going to be difficult to hear because deep down, we do have the need for revenge on those that have wronged us, but remember: Karma is a natural order of things. When we wish "Bad Karma" on someone, we ourselves will be getting that negative Karma back because it is not just the act but also the thought.

It's not like one thought of "I wish they would die!" and then Karma pops in saying "You rang?". It takes a while but if you get too obsessive about it and forget about where you are standing, you may be standing on a giant Bulls eye for Karma to deploy its own MOAB to you.

I do agree with you. I just feel so hurt and i care so much for my brother and his well being so I guess none of it is in my control which is something I have to accept.