There Is A Price To Pay When You Do The Right Thing

I left my job because I wanted to maintain my integrity, stand up for the truth and not compromise on my principals that have guided me through life. I am wondering now if it was all worth it. Why does it seem that evil people succeed? Is this just part of this survival of the fittest world we live in? Does it pay to be honest in this world ? I guess there is a price to pay to have a clear conscience; no matter how hard life gets I know I did the right thing. I chose ethics over convenience and truth over popularity.
I guess I never thought there would be such a big price to pay for just trying to do the right thing.
I guess I will fall on my sword

shawshank12 shawshank12
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Dog eat dog world. I've realized that having morals, integrity, principles and values....gets you nowhere in the world. But that's fine with me....I rather have nothing, go nowhere & be alone than to give up my beliefs and sacrifice who I am.

I agree with you, that's why i am here alone taking care of my bees :)

Sometimes it's the only choice you have.