Karma Is Real!

My mother in law, a dedicated Buddhist was the first to enlighten me about Karma...her lessons and words were simple, yet powerful.

In this life we collect points for the good and wrong we do...for all your good deeds you get positive points, for your bad, you lose points. This seem to make sense and support the concept of Karma...if you do to many bad things, you will eventually be in the red! and Karma will come to collect, so better to stay in the green and keep bad Karma at bay!

Its quite difficult to remember to do a good deed every day and to think of something creative so you dont keep repeating! That was until I found this...

The Karma Challenge iPhone app...great little app that assigns you a random good deed challenge every time you spin the Karma Wheel. I spin daily, get my good deed challenge and try to complete it within the week ( you can stack them up)...The app does cost $1, but a portion of profits goes to charity so less of blow!

Todays challenge was this....

Pick up 5 or more pieces of litter/rubbish off the street and put it in the right place!

Anyway, thought I'd share! www.thekarmachallenge.com
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

I totally believe in Karma, you get what you give and you reap what you sow - is what I've always been reminded. Although its not always easy to do a good deed everyday and its not always easy to do a good deed if you are not a millionaire with plenty of time!

Its funny, as I'm using the same App as you and I like it because it allows 'normal' people like me to do simple and easy deeds - There are more time consuming deeds to pick from if you wanted to - BUT I prefer to do the quick and easy to accomplish small deeds to collect my Karma points!

Hopefully we all get to reap beautiful fruits from the plants we are all sowing!

yeah me too...i've experienced it once