The Conflict Of Karma.

Karma means your deeds and it forms the basis of all the religions around the world.Although the concept of karma on the face of it is very holy,sounds very nice and may be that is how things should be but the fact remains that it sometimes is in conflict with another basic law of the nature that is law of survival.The fact is in this world anybody's survival is not guranteed.In order to survive we all have to do and we all do things which may not be morally be correct and on the other hand if you dont do those things you endanger the survival of you and your loved ones.

I read somewhere that primary purpose of every living being is to produce one or more of its own kind in other words to ensure the continuation of his/her gene pool for that to happen its imperative that one needs to increase one chances of survival by doing whatever within your means but that is when the theory of karma strikes, you tells you to do just the opposite.I dont want to under emphasise the importance of the theory of karma because the fact is it is one of the forces which is helping in maintaining order in this world blindly following the theory of survival would turn us into animals ready to tear into each other.

I guess its about doing a balancing act,its about drawing that line,its about being situation specific going into extremes would be like over simplifying the matter.Where do you draw your line,how well do you balance your thing depends on how wise you are and what you are at peace with.

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Karma has always been a wonder to me...

You said, "In order to survive we all have to do and we all do things which may not be morally be correct..." I think that used to be true back when we lived as Neanderthals, but in today's age, you can behave in a compeltely moral way and 'survive'. Now, it may not be a glorious existence, but you can survive and it is possible to create very strong morals, and hold to them...

but if you really want to get deep into it... even if You go to work, you are taking away from someone else that needs that money or job more than you do, so are you morally correct in working when someone less well off than you really needs that job more than you do? Are you morally correct in driving a car when a child is starving anywhere in the world and that money could feed them? Are you morally correct in living in a house bigger than a box when other people are freezing to death or dying in the heat?

So really, there are always two sides to every coin, and you can say something is black and you can say it is white, and you will be right. There are two sides to every coin. So, if that is true, then how can there be karma? If someone killed some guy because he perceived that the guy was going to hurt him, but in reality, the guy wasnt.. who is wrong and who is right?

I think in the end, what will matter most is 'intention'. .. but thats just my opinion.

Great post though, thanks for sharing! It made me thinK! =)

As I said its not really that simple,you know in hind religion things like sacrifice,benovalenc,speaking truth are glorified to he extent that it sounds ridiculous.We have a story in our scripture of king bali known for his charitable nature,who once cut the flesh out of his body to feed a crow just because the crow asked him to help him with his starvation,just because to adhere to his pledge of being charitable no matter what,if you do that how do you survive.

personally imagine somebody you know is ill with a serious ailmment which requires a lot of money which he doesnt have which you have,you can save his life but giving that much amount of money for somebody who is not your immediate family would endanger your survival isnt it?

killing somebody who you know if you dont will kill you what would that comprise?
Lying so that your sister gets married and has a good life is cheating maybe some will call bad karma or evil thing to do but I have done it and if that is bad karma I am ready for my punishment.