Diamond Earring

So basically this girl that I'm not really fond of lost one of her diamond earrings. Like it feel out of her ear today in class with out her noticing. This girl is very sneaky and is sickenly sweet only when she needs something. But today in class she asked me to help her find her earring. So I did because I am a nice person. I told her to check all her previous classes and then all the bathrooms. She left and went to find her earring. One of my friends in the class busted out laughing, and I started to giggle. This girl really deserved it. She came back in and she was really really upset. On the verge of crying upset. I felt really bad. So we asked the teacher if we could both look for the earring. The teacher obviously let us go. Guess who found this little diamond earring on the ledge of the bathroom sink? Yup me. Why am I so nice? I mean she was really lucky we found it because our school is a little ghetto, at least for my taste. But hopefully this karma will be good for me and hopefully she realized she should try being a little bit more real with me.
Syd96 Syd96
18-21, F
Dec 7, 2012