I Believe Incollecting Karma Points

I believe in collecting karma points - so the more points you collect the more good karma you meet and hopefully less bad karma you get.

So doing one small good deed each day is better thing doing absolutey nothing! Although I dont have much money to do so many charitable donations, its ok to do little acts of kindness. A good deed is a good deed no matter how big or small.

I wonder if people out there believe in karma points the way I do?  I

f you do, and you also believe in keeping the bad karma away...try this iphone App which challenges you to complete a random good deed each day in a fun and innovative way.  I now challenge myself to complete the good deed I am assigned from this App each day - to hopefully collect good karma points!   

I hope you will find it useful too:  www.thekarmachallenge.com
SomStar SomStar
Dec 14, 2012