Karma And The Sword Of Justice

Originally written 8/7/09 04:30 pm

Thursday I went to testify in civil court. My first and hopefully last time.

Five years ago, I was a skin care service provider for a lady who owned a day spa out in the far reaches of AZ. I worked for her for 3 months. Three months of hell to be sure. Short story, I had to take her to small claims court to recoup the money she owed me for the treatment room equipment that I sold her while working for her. She's a drunk, a druggie, and verbally abusive. Anyways, I wasn't the only one that she tried to rip off. This lady that sued her was in the hole about $15K. So the plaintiff tracked me down and begged me to come on downtown to testify as to previous pattern with this hell of a woman. I did.

I was on the stand for over an hour. During that time, there were 3 objections to my testimony, a recess, and a question from the jury. Forget Law and Order, this was high drama in real life and I was in the eye of it. The defendant, was so ****** with regard to my testimony in the eyes of the jurors - you could just tell they were disgusted by this woman. As all of us were that did business with her.

So I got to have an active role in Karma. The sword of justice doesn't get handed to you like that very often but when it does, boy, you just gotta swing the blade! It was enjoyable on many fronts but above all, justice was being served up nice and hot. I'm glad I could help out.

It just is a reminder that what we reap, we sow.
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Jan 5, 2013