Who Decides Where The Babies Are Being Born.

We see babies being born, Some babies are born into the most rich families, some are born into utter poverty, some are born in the coldest tundra regions, Some are born in Darfur where "Darfur Genocide" takes place and most atrocities happen on people, and where women specifically are hard hit in those areas.

Some are born into most hottest regions of the earth - some are born in mountains and some into rigidest conditions on earth.

Some are born on the streets and in 2 years they have to struggle on their own - just like the mother deer in the forest with her fawn - who as soon as it drops from her mother's belly in a few hours gets up and quickly adapts to the nature and seeks out survival instincts and is up on it's feet.

So, why did the child gets it new life in 'Darfur' instead of some other country where the living or life quality was rated the best in the world ?

I mean - somebody decided that this child has to be born in this region versus some other ? Is it karma (good or bad ) that they might have done in their previous life ? Is it re-incarnation and back on earth.
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I really don't believe karma has to do something with it whatever deeds you've done good or bad you'll pay in same life I guess it's a test God put up in front of every individual how would they cope up with reality or weather or not that individual may look on other ppl with worst conditions and win over it.. According to many theories many people afterlife experience same levels of pain and hell regardless of their deeds but it depends on how fast they could come over and reach their heaven..

I wonder. If getting born into a rich family and then not get any love from your parents during your childhood. Is that still past good Karma?

It is very difficult to advance spiritually if you're born in a very wealthy family. Everything will be there on a platter in front of you and you won't have any motivation to advance. If you're born in misery, it is also difficult to advance, as you'll have to constantly worry about survival and there won't be any time to work on yourself or be concerned with matters of spirituality. So take a look at your life now. If you have time to watch TV and enjoy some good times with friends, think about how to advance. This is what life is all about. People who do bad deeds, such as taking a life (ves), stealing, cheating, scamming others, will meet with endless misfortunes. The babies that are born in turbulent environment that doesn't support life and whose lives are taken away very early are just an example of how the Law of Cause and Effect works. If you live by the sword, you shall die by the sword. How precious babies are. Do you think that there is someone in the heavens who's enjoying watching a baby's life taken away? No. This is all based on one's deeds. And imagine what the parents of that baby feel? It's their Karma too. So really it's very simple.Do good deeds! And if you can't do that much, at least don't hurt others in any way.

I agree good deeds should be done but an individual is never satisfied of what he gets its human nature. Even a child with a golden spoon in mouth will not be satisfied because of maybe lack of love and care and will consider his life miserable and even for poor he wants more in his life so we cannot call it end product of deeds but God maybe who wants to know how we're doing in the test he has put up.

BRILLIANT discussion! I too think about things lke this all the time. There is a theory that all the people that have ever existed on the earth, have agreed ( with who, i don't know), to experience life, exactly how they will live it. Another theory is that we were all fooled to enter this reality, because it apparently looks enchanting from wherever we existed before earth. And that its a trap of enslavement. The theory says, the reality you are born into is chosen for you.

Which leads me to my hypocritical theory : If we are to find out the answers to our many questions about this reality, we need to find out one thing : WHO 'PAID' FOR ALL OF THIS TO BE?

I have seen through the chaos, through Darwin's comical theory of evolution, and its very clear. There is ALOT of order here. Someone, something, some bodies are keeping a very close eye on things, keeping things ticking over. This reality, our galaxy, exhibits EXTREME BALANCE. I tell you, SOMETHING HAS THE WHEEL.

Its as if we all need to say '' Whoa, whoa, whoa, driver! Just where do you think you are taking us?''

There are just too many theories and way too much talking on the subject. Its simple. When someone is in a restaurant, and they become unhappy with their service, what do you always hear them say?


I did like the Manager part. I too join in the demand !!

Hello Friend,

The Manager is You! You have existed since beginningless times and until you become enlightened like the Buddha, you will keep coming back, and your new life will depend upon your actions. No one else, but your own actions determine your next life. You may "repay" for some bad actions in this or your next life, depending on when the conditions are ripe. Karma cannot be forgiven, but you can "build" a wall of good karma by doing good deeds to keep away your bad karma. So simply do good deeds. Some day, certainly, you'll have to repay for the bad deeds, but the more merit you accumulate, the better lives you'll live. It is that simple.

Hello bellaMD

Well, if i am the manager, then this life is the last one i come into, where i fumble around for a large part of it until i 'get it'. I refuse to invest time and energy in that type of existance. My view is that, to be 'forced' to pay for something that i do not recall taking or doing is deceitful. To be at the mercy of karma, to where it feels ''the conditions are ripe'' for one to repay their debts, is, for a lack of a better word, inprisonment.
Now, my opinions, are just that, mine. One out of an unmeasurable number of opinions. It's laughable, because they won't change the views of those that believe in karma, or will they 'hurt' karma itself, or are they intended to hurt or convince otherwise :)

My other opinion on karma is that the explanations i have been given, are too simple for a unbelievably complex existance. Our minds and bodies are easily manipulated, because all is energy, it can be directed in whatever direction that whoever has the 'power' to control it sees fit. For example :

A peaceful protest, of 200 people with 'universally' good, honest intentions can be made to turn violent. Like christians overcome with the holy spirit, their bodies shaking, speaking in an unheard of language, peaceful protesters can be overcome with..........., a SPIRIT. A rush that makes one do things they have no INTENSION of ever doing. Something so strong, it washes over and renders docile the personal strength of good hearted human being.
I would like to know if karma has a way to dealing with this very common occurrence.

I like to cover all my bases when im trying to understand anything. I do not ask questions to try and discredit anothers beliefs or views. I really hope you get to see that :) I'm really asking to understand, with respect and love.

I absolutely appreciate your response and you giving your knowledge on karma freely. I am thirsty for more :) When you wrote ''The Manager is You!'', it was very inspiring and positive. This is what i recieved from your post.


Dear Friend, blessings to you and thank you for opening your heart and sharing your thoughts. I wrote that the Manager is You, as what we experience is a result of our thoughts, intentions, and actions. Most people can’t recall past life deeds and experiences, but sometimes there are fragments that give us a clue of some familiar place we don’t recall to have visited this life. We have had many many lives and are evolving. Today, we may not think we’ve done certain things, but to survive, or for our family’s survival we do things we may not think we’re capable of. All of us have done them and still doing them. Thus this is what we’re living. We must not think in terms of victims or victimizers as the law of cause and effect has to have these both in order for a lesson to be learned. Today, the law of cause and effect may use you as a victim and tomorrow as a victimizer. So what to do? Know that what you’re experiencing today, you have planted the seeds for, and that you can always plant good seeds for your future. Believe me, some days I wonder what in the world have I done in the past ☺ The most important thing is to do no harm, and when we can, to help other people. People come here from many different places to learn tough lessons. Some are more aware, some less. Because of that, what I consider wrong and non-beneficial, someone else may consider just. So you see, this place is complicated. Some think eating animals is just fine, other would consider the pain the animal has to experience as a living being when it’s killed. So there are different levels of awareness, therefore everyone thinks he/she is right for him/herself. But like the wise book says, even the worst sinner can become a saint, which means we can all reach higher levels and with that our understanding of life will change. Some people naturally want to improve, others, due to heavy influences and weaknesses will take longer.
What about the peaceful protest you wrote about. I don’t know the details, but yes, this too is a karmic play, a very fancy one, and there were certain roles in it. Karma was repaid. Were you there? I wasn’t, so it wasn’t my lesson. It was a lesson for all of those involved in it. Does the Spirit cause people to do bad things? Well if it comes in a big bottle (lol) No, only demons can cause a person to turn violent, not the Spirit.
Thank you for listening to my insight ☺

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I don't know the answer. Karma seems to do an okayish job explaining the why of things, but since we don't understand or believe it fully, we think it doesn't. Until we come up with an alternate complete theory on the why of things. Science is still on the "how", let's wait till it gets to the root-level whys.

For some, what seems harsh for us may not seem as harsh for them, things like geographic conditions, they adapt to them with their own lifestyles. As to just being born, the same applies to animals, birds and insects, some of them are born even in further "worse" conditions.

A good starting point, however, is try and find out the reality about ourselves, let alone the world.