Karma Got You Good

The night after my birthday, Tay, her boyfriend, and Jane, my "friends" decided to take me out since they didn't on the night of my birthday. (I u haven't already, read "I'm Glad I Came" to see what happened the night of my birthday) We decided to hit up this party in town. So Tay came with Jane and picked me up and we began heading down. After a few mintues I began to question them about what they did the previous night. I knew that they went out partying and left me alone on my birthday, but I wanted to give them a chance to redeem themselves and tell me the honest truth. Instead they stuck with what they told me the night before.
They claimed that they stayed home and drank all night long. So again I gave them a chance and asked them "So you didn't go anywhere last night?" And again they said they didn't leave the house. And you know what happened then? Karma got them good, that's what. Tays car tire popped in a burst like a gun shot, and we rolled slowly to the curb where she pulled over. HAHA! I honestly couldn't contain my laughter! How ridiculous is it that they moment RIGHT after she lied to me, after I gave her more than one chance to redeem herself, her tire pops. Isn't that just crazy?! But hey, if you're going to lie that much times to me, you probably deserve it.
We ended up staying on the side of the road for an hour while she called her dad since her boyfriend didn't know how to change a tire -.- What was really strange about it all was that they couldn't find anything that could have caused it! I guess God just decided it was time for her to learn a lesson.
hokulani22 hokulani22
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013