Good and Evil Really Do Exist.

Lately I tend to be quite an introverted person. I feel a little damaged by life, & I feel consumed by the problems in the world. When I am alone (which is quite often) I spend the majority of my time in a meditative state. I have thought deeply about countless things, and seldomly anything good comes from it. Usually I just get down on myself because I end up losing hope for humanity. Although one day, I was contemplating life as a whole, when I had an epiphany. I came up with the best theory to explain the meaning of life, as I see it. And now I am going to share it with you.
It is true that life relies upon balance. If something is unbalanced, tragedy happens. If your body is unbalanced, you get sick. When your mind is unbalanced, you get depressed. When a boat is not balanced, it tips over. I see you are starting to get my point, So I will continue. I kept letting this thought manifest itself further and further. I now see that everything we do & say, puts energy into the world around us. If you do or say something positive, you emit positive energy into the world. If you do or say something negative, you are putting negative energy into the earth. When this flow of energy becomes unbalanced, that is when tragedy happens. Too much negativity leads to war. Too much positivity & we become ignorant. This is when Karma comes in.
Karma is the balancing factor of the universe. Karma will always correct itself. That is why people often say “he’ll get what he deserves” because without even knowing it, karma will seek revenge on behalf of the universe.
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Really good read, I too believe in Karma

I agree! :)

why we do what we do?

You are so right! Realizing this made my marriage better and everyone I encounter happier. We all need to shed the negativity. If everyone would focus on making others happy they'll find they are happier than they have ever been themselves.

Wow, we are literally on the same page and I have met maybe 1 other person that thought this way...

=) I'm glad you can understand how I feel. It doesn't seem to happen very often.

you are right thewhole world is out of balance love is what we need to give to everyone the evil within us must be dissolved the more love we give out can change the state of the world ,.but how are we going to do this when evil ppl behind the secenes call the shots i think ppl now know who they are a secret society that is not so secret anymore if you check out the web site of illuminati you will see just what is causing our country to head toward a possible war over trying to have our guns taken away for no reason well the reason is simple they will start their new world order as bush talked about a few years back they are ready to get it going many innocent ppl will be killed they are violating the constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA`I PRAY god somewhere sends heavenly hosts to help us stop them JESUS OR ANY MASTER FROM HEAVEN can come down and help us ARCHANGEL MICHAEL who cast satin out of the heaven world can help us BUT KARMA does return to the sender and somewhere they will be held accountable for lying and cheating and deceiving the ppl. vinny

yes you are 100 percentright we have so much evil nowadays you wonder why everything is out of balance we need to love again and bind the evil within us all
i believe the negitive balance in government with the dark forces trying to control america and the world have put so much out of place they will have to deal with the karma they are sending out to ppl which is hatred control of us lying to the ppl about everything these illuminati forces may cause a war here in america over trying to disarm the ppl and why so they can begin the new world order they are opposing the constitution of the u.s.the police should side with the ppl and not obey the order to take our guns.if they are able to take the guns away we will lose our freedom and many American,s will be killed for no reason.and a heavy karma will await them sooner than later expect someone from the heaven world wheather its JESUS or some other master to put an end to this foolishness our ppl deserve the best the government is suppossed to serve us not takje our money and cause the world to go into a economic collapse which we are headed for i pray GOD does not allow these evil forces who serve Satin to destroy us. vinny

I should really meditate more.

awesome thought