Karma Who?

This is to funny not to share. My ex is from Cuba and is sooooo naive. So we are fighting one day (which happens often) and he used one of his not so nice comments to bring me down. My reply was "Karma is a b!tch!"... his response... "Who the hell is Karma". NOT THE BRIGHTEST BULB IN THE BOX is he! hehe

I do however, believe. I'm Karma's biggest fan!

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11 Responses Jun 16, 2007

I am with you 100% THE KARMA BELIEF

ROFL that is a good one!!!

Too true :-)

duh...I hope you laughed at him until you cried!<br />
Not the brightest color in a box of crayons!

Hilarious!! Good one Faded! ;)

Yeah well I'm still hopeful that Ricky gets deported!

tee hee.. that's funny.. I needed a good giggle tonite!

hehehe, did he really not know what Karma is? Wow. Very funny though.

Karma who?.....That's Good stuff.<br />
I like the Karmas a *****....inevitably true!!!

So... he's a Ricky, are you a Lucy?... lol Funny story!

haha..is that ever funny..