Now It'S My Turn

It took many years of depression and anxiety after being hurt so many times physically and emotionally. I always believed that one day karma will come around and be on my side. I now see some of those that I wished for are going through hell. And I'm in the best possible place in my life. I have the most amazing wife that in crazy in love with. And after being married for almost six years and seeing her struggle with PCOS I couldn't wish for anything more then to give her a baby. Last night I had the most amazing feeling I could ever imagine after watching her pee on a pregnancy test and watch the results show a positive. It was the craziest feeling in the world. She's pregnant and we're having a baby god willing. I know that karma is definitely on my side now. It's my turn to be happy. It's my turn to be a much better dad then what I had. It's my turn to give someone the best life possible. Full of love and support. I love you karma.
Flyingsnake Flyingsnake
36-40, M
Sep 29, 2013