I don't know why and i've told people this before but for some reason they just don't believe me. When people do ****** up stuff to me they get it back... usually in the same exact way.. then... when it happens they still don't realize that it relates to what I told them in the first place.

I have no control over this... It is not of my doing... it just is. I've tried to stop it before but I can't. Ditch me... be ditched... freak out on me... be freaked out on... etc... it just happens... I apologize in advance. Start to treat me like a normal human being again and mabye things will turn around. Not that someone should be forced to treat anyone like a normal human being through fear of retaliation... thats just sad.

On a seperate note I lean more towards the Buddhist philosophy on Karma and past lives.

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I completely agree! Karma is So real, I don't see why people don't recognize it happening in their own lives! I don't know what's behind it, what might be the driving force, but, it's very true, what goes around comes around!

I said its not of my doing :( I wish no malcontent for anyone.

And so are those you've "affected"!=}

I'm aware :)

If you lean towards the Buddhist philosophy on Karma then you should treat all people the same no matter how they treat you. Easier said than done, but it is always bad Karma to treat someone else badly, regardless of how they've treated you.