Works Only to It's Own Schedule, Hey?

Sometimes it's instant bam-bam-you've-been-hit-by-karma, and other times it takes so long that you can't make the connection anymore. Frustrating, I find it.

In my case, usually karma is pretty quick to send back my own crap to me. If I was a shocking ******* to my family, I generally have a bad day. "Forgot" to pick up something for my sister = *collapses under pile of textbooks*. On the other hand, good things take a while to come 'round. It took me six months to "join" a good group of girls when I changed schools. I guess its pretty great that I have been blessed with fantastic friends [except for Yr 7- 8] pretty much all my life.

Some ppl say that others use karma as an excuse, but I don't see [yet?] how this can be. You committed the deed, the deed is now committing you to it. You're responsible. I find that it lets me feel a little more in control of my life. I used to think that I had been born under an unlucky star or something, but now that thought has eased. These days I think that you can't apply just one theory, idea or belief to life - it's one big crazy mess of luck, self-made mis/fortune, destiny/fate and of course, karma!

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"We are not punished for our sins, but by them."

Dharma is the path, and karma is everything you see and do while walking that path. It doesn't necessarily come as a result or response, or a reaction to an action. Karma can be the most random of all things.<br />
That was an awesome story, Musichead.<br />
You're pretty smart for a girl!! he he he ha ha ha

I completely agree with the long term karma you mentioned. I can usually make some connection in hindsight though. Time needs to pass before it's obvious at all.

That was brilliant, you scored some nice karma just by writing that. Very inspirational.